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Nobody even brought it up. Nobody was paying attention to that. That's when kind of my real. My vocal activism started and that day of the protest, people started asking me to run for office after they found out about my history. In my past, and I started thinking about it and then the women's March came on us. It was four or five days before women's March. My youngest was about three months old and I was gonna go into DC, but the weather was just going to be so crappy. And I'm like, well, I'll just go to the Annapolis March and it turned out there wasn't one. So I organized the Annapolis women's March in five days with help of some great people. And that was kind of the day that solidified it for me just being in the community, and people ask me to run for office again and thinking, you know what? Yeah. Why not? So that was kind of when I decided to. All right. There's a lot of things I wanna pull in there, but let's. Let's before we get back into all of that. Let's a little bit about Senate district thirty three. So her we've mentioned on this podcast before that the state Senate in a state house in Maryland are majority Democrats, but it's been trending slightly more Republican over the the past few years. And of course there's Republican governor right now who hopefully won't be there after this year. But. But right now there's a Republican governor, but your Senate strict is currently held by a Republican who, in fact, has never been challenged by democrat, I find kind of shocking. So tell me a little bit about this district where it's located and kind of what the politics of it are. So this thirty three is a little more than half of and rental county. It is. I do. You want the list of towns. Go down the list. Outskirts of Annapolis. Crowns Ville crossed in Gambro militia. David vote Odin someone, Glen, Bernie, some of seven Verna park are on the Severn herald harbor Cape Saint Clair and Riva, and I think an Arnold. So it's it's the seventh largest district in Maryland about one hundred and thirty thousand people. And the perception is that it's a Republican district, but it's actually really not. So there's thirty nine thousand registered Republicans, thirty three thousand vegeta- Democrats and twenty three thousand unaffiliated. So it's a very flippable not to mention the thirty thousand people that I personally I'm not going to write off. One of my passions is engaging people who maybe have not previously been engaged or voted because I think that we really need to get all of the people involved in their governance regardless of whether they're affiliated whether they voted before. So it's kind of it really is very purple district. And I look forward to that. I don't know if you know this purple hair and all over, we'll goes or purple. So it's purple like things. We always have been my whole life and the opponent was. Pointed in two thousand nine and has run unopposed twice. So he's about seventy years old Catholic far right? Republican, pretty much votes party lines and you know, not a bad guy just out of touch with what the people of the district really need and you actually got more votes than he did in the primary by a little bit? I did. Yeah. About nine thousand people came out to vote. We got one hundred eighteen votes more than him. And the greatest part of that is that at that time he had one hundred thousand dollars in the Bank, and we have six hundred dollars in the Bank and we because I am about people, I'm all about people. I am. I don't take money from corporate PACS and take money from publicly traded companies. Most of my donations are individuals or small businesses, and actually I think at this point, all of our donations are visual. Small businesses. I do have a couple of union donations because I also I really strongly believe in unions. I think that unions are going to save the middle class, but I, I really believe that the people are just not being heard. I think the politics these days. Both sides. It's all about the money and special interest, and it's not really about taking care of the people anymore, but needs to be in SuAn, you're going road and talking to people in advance. You have a lot of vents. What are you hearing for her..

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