Bureau Chief, President Trump, President Yeltsin discussed on Live on Sunday Nights its Bill Cunningham


President on. How remarkable is it? Do you think that there has even been a debate on networks want to take his prime time address, the President Yeltsin appropriate debate, incidentally, the debate goes way back I was bureau chief of ABC news in nineteen eighty one. When the bureau chiefs in Washington, we all discussed the question of whether or not, we should take everything. The president does live in terms of announcements even press conferences because why not treat it like a news story, if we think there is a real possibility it is propaganda exercise. There are no easy answers as to what to do in in this situation. But what we do know is that we have an obligation in the press to not give a platform in which misinformation disinformation and lying goes unchallenged in. I think. The networks have line themselves up tonight as the Democrats for that matter to deal with whatever comes out of Donald Trump's mouth tonight. I mean, I just love this. Well, should we not take the president because he lies did you ever hear those conversations about Bill Clinton? Did you ever hear the media? Do this type of fact checking with Barack Obama if you like where where were the fact checkers on Benghazi video, oh, it was a spontaneous protest? You. Remember any of those? I don't. You ever? Remember any fact checkers on Hillary Clinton and her Email server forever remembered, he fact checkers on if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? I don't this idea that we have fact checkers and fact checkers are the biggest joke I've ever seen. Fact fact checkers have gotten the point of just insane and stupid. It's nothing they say, well, if we throw fact checker next to their name in their resume that no one would challenge what they're saying. Because they're just fact checking it's ninety nine percent of the time one hundred percent propaganda..

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