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Listening. To. NewsHour live from the BBC World Service I'm Rebecca. Cosby in northern Syria government forces are preparing for what could be a major offensive on. The last rebel stronghold ad-lib it seems inevitable now that President Assad will. Emerge the, winner of Syria's, civil war and he has Moscow to thank for that it was Russian firepower that turned the course, of the conflict in President Assad's favor almost correspondent. Steve, Rosenberg has spent this week traveling across Syria with the Russian military At the Russian airbridge Neil A commander points to. Two objects on the ground they look like toy plays the kind that model aircraft. Enthusiasts fly in the park but these are. Drones and they were armed Russia says, that in the last month it's airbase in Syria has been targeted, forty five times by drones packed with explosives The fact that terror groups now. Have this technology Major General ego kinda, Schenck of says is extremely dangerous not just for Russia but for the whole world What would, take it off from, the now and we're heading Roland toward Syria with the village Of the show despite the To get some areas they're all Syria What Aleppo we've taken to a textile factory during the. War it was looted and, shot but it's working. Again it's director Bassam what he believes that Moscow's intervention in Syria brought..

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