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I think in this interview where you saw deep frustration and very very light hint of anger and one of them was. We started talking about Fox and the role Fox plays and I think that it's deeply frustrating to chairman shift based on all the work they've done and how serious they think this is so looking ahead to what will almost certainly be a January trial in the Senate. How long you think it'll take well. Republicans are signaling. They WanNa do this as quickly as possible. It seems like trump and McConnell can't get on the same page. They're definitely not the same page. I think what McConnell would like to do is have opening statements from the house managers a series of opening statements from the President's defense team. Whoever that is very soon it's Baloney. Maybe Alan Dershowitz As has been reported which is bizarre. I mean you'll have people hanging Jeffrey Epstein banners from the Senate Gallery but trump general gets what he wants no matter how crazy it is and then I think McConnell will entertain and put on the floor motion to dismiss Which this is a political exercise not a legal exercise but our put this question to you. I view it as after the prosecution is put on its case. According to watching law and order sometimes the defense stands up and motions dismissed because they didn't reach any standard of proof and judges sometimes say okay. You didn't trials over right. We may end up there eventually. I think to chairmanships point. There's going to be several moves. And maybe a trick or two up his sleeve to try and get the actual investigatory material that they haven't been able to get yet and to his point. They actually wrote their report and submitted. All of this with very few documents So there's a lot more out there to get that I suspect will come up in the trial. Yes so again. You know from a strategy point of view McConnell. Any may not have the votes to do a motion to dismiss one of the real dramas in the nineteen ninety. Nine Senate trial was Robert Byrd Senator Byrd from West. Virginia'S MOTION TO DISMISS. He wrote a motion to dismiss. Where right at the end of it said I? I moved to dismiss the charges but the first fourteen pages of it were excoriating Bill Clinton and like in terms that nobody had seen before It was so harsh and the problem was that he a bunch Democrat said. I can't vote for that I. I don't believe those things about the president. I believe he made a stupid mistake and we should give them a longtime out as PRINOS president and punish them but I don't believe he is the character that that bird was describing and it was a lot of back and forth and bird finally in in frustration said fine. I'll take it all out. And he did a straight motion to dismiss it fails and they move forward. Republicans presumably could have the votes to dismiss this pretty quickly and not even take the vote. Now the problem is and you alluded to it earlier. That's not what Donald Trump wants. Donald Trump wants to reality. Tv. He wants Hunter Biden on the floor. He wants Joe Biden on the floor. He wants a lot of drama. He wants a lot of people to watch and at the end of it he wants someone to stand up and say. Donald TRUMP NOT GUILTY ARTICLE WANT DONALD TRUMP not guilty article to and the single most interesting thing to watch after the New Year will be. Where's Mitch McConnell and where's Donald Trump? I will say this in nineteen ninety nine. Trent Lott and Tom Daschle did what was best for the Senate and took a lot of heat a lot from his own caucus daschle from the White House including me publicly. But they did the right thing for the Senate Mitch. Mcconnell doesn't care about the Senate he doesn't care about the institution and its role in the country We saw that when he to prive. Barack Obama of his constitutional right to appoint Merrick. Garland what. Mitch McConnell cares about first and foremost is being the majority leader. And he's going to do what keeps him as majority leader and right now the most important thing on his mind is he's got six Republicans incumbents who are in tough races and if he comes to the conclusion that the best thing to do is do a quick trial and then dismiss it quickly without even taking up the votes even if that enrages Donald Trump. He's going to do it. The question will be whether he has the votes because trump does have a lot of sway with Republicans other Republicans in the Senate. So it's GonNa be fascinating to watch the majority in the house. It was terribly frustrating for Republicans because the Democrats were in the majority in the Senate is going to be terribly frustrating again for the Republicans because the rules are different. And it's much easier to be the minority and gumming up the works Where you have real ability to come up works as opposed to just two four shots of Red Bull and start screaming the way Doug and Jim Jordan do and the hardest job in America over the next couple of months is not going to be a house manager. Or you know the White House counsel it's going to be Mitch McConnell's Joe Well. We'll see what happens. We are grateful to chairmanship for sitting down with us. And we'll keep an eye on him as he moves into that role in the coming weeks For the trial yes and now that he's a friend of the POD. We hope to have him back when this is all over for a longer session on how it all went. Yep sounds good until next week. Thanks Katie thank you for listening to words matter please. Rate and review words matter on Apple. Podcasts and other podcasts providers..

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