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That's what I would do if I was a fan I. I wouldn't root for the Ravens if I was a Redskins Fan. I wouldn't do that that would like I mean like when I you know I compare it to when I was a mets fan and they traded Tom seaver and and I said that's it. I'm out until they sell the team to new owners. Turn around and Roofer Rookie Yankees you would have had to stuck. Needles does in my eyes for me to root for the Yankees. Oh my God and really the Ravens are not the equivalent of. I mean. The Ravens are not a rival of the redskins and so it's just financially right financially their arrival football rival Keno. Now I want to get to this comment about Dwayne Haskins so my man Bill Callahan. Practice yesterday wasn't headed a practice city really the bottom. NOPE and Callahan said. Afterwards he looked great. I think everything everything did an individual was seamless. I thought it was really clean. I thought it was flawless. I thought there were no setbacks. I saw fluidity. We moved him in and out of the pocket quite a bit. Today's well so if there was any apprehension possibly not testing it or looking at a deeply. We wouldn't have done what we did. There were a lot of movement actions a lot of different things we did on him on the perimeter so no there was nothing holding him back. He was fully clear it was just a very mild ankle sprain that he went through Sunday closed quote. It didn't look like Echeverri. Mild Ankle Sprain. A love the way like he's he's essentially laying out we. We basically did everything on the field today to tell him mm that we knew there wasn't anything wrong with his ankle and that he was overly dramatic on Sunday which he was. Don't we know that. Now how about an apology to your. Oh boy all of you demanding that I apologize because I accused him of faking injury. I never did that. I accused him. I suggested didn't accused him. I suggested based on you know personal life experiences. Occasionally there are people. When they're sick or injured they play it up big like I played a lot of basketball? The ball over my life. dudes have missed like a breakaway layup. And then all of a sudden they're limping going down on the other end of the court like they were hurt like that's why they missed it. dwayne wasn't wasn't playing. Well he did get an ankle injury. We saw the Preston Smith landing on the ankle. He played it up a little bit during the game he came over he was cleared. Why was he cleared? Because is it wasn't like there was a lot of issues with the with the flexibility with the movement in the ankle after they tested it but he was playing it up planet up big time and because of it Mandy he gets people riled up you know people in the media comparing him to the. Rg three situation. How could you do it? Callahan's is doing here is he's mocking you. Who thought he was seriously hurt and to a certain degree making sure that Dwayne knows you're fine? We had gone through all this stuff just to prove to you that we know that you're fine. He was fine. But when you when you talk about an ankle sprain mild. You don't say very mild ankle sprain trying to make the point usually usually I think I think I may have had that one right. I think you did and and look at more context on that faking K.. Not Faking just playing it up a little bit a little bit dramatic more context on that. Let's not forget the the press conference after the Detroit game where he was asked about missing the open wide receivers and instead of standing standing up there and saying you know I gotTa do a better job or there was some miscommunication on my part or something like that. He all of a sudden said. I had a wrist injury injury. Yeah you know and I think that was the first time that Bill Callahan ever heard that that Dwight that Blaine Haskins had a wrist injury in that game. Now I'm I'm GonNa take a portion of the show to be more positive about Dwayne Haskins because I am More encouraged more positive about him than you are. I think in a lot of other other people because I'm going to read to you. What Callahan said when he was asked about what Haskins has progressed in Housi- improved? It'd be specific. It was a long answer. It was like a three minute answer on this one so I'm GonNa read you just a portion of it because I thought this was interesting. Callahan said quote everybody. He is throwing everything at him when I like about him is nothing fazes him. He's got an unbelievable poise about him. He's got a calm that he recognizes recognizes the fact that he's getting heated up or seeing these different pressures and looks he's just absorbing it taking it all in learning going back to the bench sitting down with Kevin Kevin O'CONNELL and Timur going through it recognizing what he needs to do better and then trying to improve the next time around. I like that aspect of him. He's not a repetitive added of guy a repetitive mistake player where you continually see the small mistakes over and over again. He makes a mistake. He recognizes it. He moves on and and you don't see a repetitive error. Come back into his game. There's been a lot of growth in that. Respect closed quote. You know so this was who's part of like a three minute answer where he was being very positive about Dwayne Haskins and I it makes me immediately think back to in a September October. Where you know Callahan himself said Dwayne knows? He's not ready remember. He said that in all of the leaks coming out about his unreadiness about his lack of preparation about him not knowing the playbook etc etc.. which by the way just as a quick aside is why I think in these press conferences as some in the media believe he comes off is a bit smug or arrogant again I think he's just distrusting? That's what I'm seeing. I'm seeing a guy that is distrusting of the people in front of him because of everything that happened in September and October before he started to play which by the way a lot of it came from national pundits more than local people. So he's a victim already. No I'm not paying. That's that's the best him you trust somebody you think they did something to you. Okay if that's if that's your yes. Based on that I think he believes that he was a victim of some bad and inaccurate media. Attention that position for the REDSKINS game. But you know no. It isn't familiar. What isn't familiar is that He's not making continually the same mistakes over and over and over again because one of the things that Robert Robert Griffin the third did we were told this by multiple people including Mike Shanahan and others after the fact that he continued to make the same mistakes over and over over again and the reason he did that is he wasn't coach. -able remember what we were told was a griffin's favorite answer to any kind of direction or coaching yet. Yeah I got it I got it. I got it except for the fact that he never had it and then the next game he continued to back up instead of stepping into the pocket and it was the same mistakes. Repetitive petted. Mistakes over and over again. Busy didn't get it and he thought he had all the answers but he didn't. I love what Callahan said. First of all all about nothing fazes him because that was the my first hunch about Duane in watching him in a redskins uniform is that this guy is not the Kinda guy you rattle. This is not the Kinda guy that's going to become less confident because of poor results. He's competitive and he's going to feel always like he can do it and I love I love that about him and I do see a poise and calm about him. There've been a couple of big time throws he's made including on Sunday that throat a Sims on third and sixth the throat to WHO Kelvin Harmon on third and six or eight or whatever it was which turned into a really good throw where held on poised and threw it at the last second. And you know in in Harmon made the catch a great run afterwards. Set up the first score which came after the ankle injury As an aside but I am rooting being for Dwayne Haskins. I know people have tweeted me like it. Sounds like you're sort of rooting for him. I am because I think that he was. I think he took the brunt of some of this media media in some of these leaks and some of it was probably unfair and inaccurate and I think that even a guy like bill. Callahan is starting learning to recognize watching. Play that there's more to him than they thought in September and October and that he's not the the massive long-term project I'm not suggesting or or I'm not predicting and I'm certainly not convinced that he's the long-term answer quarterback. I don't feel that way yet. I don't but I do think that week in week out. We see more from him and I watched his press conference yesterday. I've been watching them all on Wednesdays and you know no. I think there's a little bit of an underdog element to him right now and so I don't I don't I'm not. I'm not predicting he's GonNa turn out to be great. I'm not There are some flags I don't know how red they are. You know Haskins and Haskins the wrist in the overly dramatic way in which he carried his ankle. Ankle around with them on Sunday But there's a lot to him. Also that I think you know is for me just gut tells tells me that he's got a chance and also tells me that Unless they could draft Joe Borough which they're not gonna be able to draft him that he's going to be the guy in twenty twenty twenty and I hope that you know. I don't think they're going to be a competitive team next year. More likely than not it's the NFL who knows but next year sixteen games will tell the tale on him and that you you can make the decision on him after twenty twenty but anyway go ahead. Well that's providing that Alex Smith isn't your quarterback he's here to quarterback. Okay I mean could be. I mean I think he's GonNa give me the GM for the Assistant G. He's got to have a voice. Yeah I got Redskins Front Office. Absolutely but he still thinks he can play so so I mean he's Co he's going to push that through. I just can't fathom how you are dismissing the not off the yes you are not yes you are because I'm not sure they are but those flyby read those flags given the team he works for are far worse. I understand I mean every all the issues that that I have with Haskins are off the field I mean I think he's had moments where he's played well. I think it's very difficult to judge him. Given the lack of talent and the poor coaching that he has to deal with so I. I haven't haven't seen anything on the field that tells me that he's a bust or that he's not going to eventually be success and he has had some terrific moments and everything you Said said about him on the field is true the off the field stuff though in an organization where that will only grow instead of being stifled stifled is a huge problem. THAT THAT DETROIT POST GAME press conference. I would run away from having a guy like that on on my team that that's so I mean. This is not any other franchises. The redskins where that kind of behavior gets rewarded fighting owner Doug Williams get through some of these people. I mean Doug Williams has to know when you re tweets his own pro football focus numbers that that's not. That's that's not a Doug Williams thing to do now I mean but I wonder what kind of any if he has any influence over anything in that organization. He's not got the key decision maker these things. If people out there did was maybe he would have more. Maybe maybe he would have more credibility ability if everybody in the locker room looked at him and said that's our GM. Maybe that would happen. So I I just think that you're you're you're you're in your wishful thinking on the on the Off the field stuff and victimizing him as as as as as you can you. I can say that based on pure definition that because I said he's distrusting of people that the he he views himself as a victim. That's fine but it's really not the way I feel. I don't think he's he's he's playing the victim role. I just think that he got burned a little bit here. You know in his rookie season because of the organization that he's in because there was shit that was leaked in people were making. He's not saying he was a victim was drafted when he said the league done messed up he already. I know SP- played the victims art right from the first night and charging fifty bucks ahead for people coming in shared draft night with him when he claimed that he just wanted to be with his family. which is why wasn't in New York or I'M NOT NEW YORK? Where was the draft this year? Nashville Nashville I I get all of that. I'm not I'm not naive to the to to to a those things potentially being things that will look back on and say of course. Of course it didn't work out And you know and a lot of those things could we could look at back at them at some point say he was immature. Look at how mature he is now in. Look Kinda players develop. That's possibly to people don't mature in this. Why do I do you think B.'s? I've heard this that. He is a good kid that he's not totally self absorbed like rg three was and that..

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