South Carolina, Jerry Levin, Tennis discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show - 'Is there an arborist in the house??'


I bet you they're paying assauer an american when when we were driving back from south carolina yesterday of my children when they heard the news we're listen to the reds broadcast and siriusxm because that's when you can get my children cheered out when they try and they're all their jerry levin expedited gerald levin and steve sans very happy about this epa did you sit trying and deport did you see i don't wanna go back to tennis very quickly did you i saw the name i just want to go back and service martina hingis won the mixed doubles if i didn't know she was still she lay the castle yes she's gray really cool winds major grand slam wpro's time so you want it what did you know that that federal did not lose is set in the insides ornament the first on the job and since borg did it in 76 thing with he was dominant yes grow jorg oats but jorgensen i mentioned this one thing for people who grew up in washington who were of an age at least forty and older forty an op they will know this person bob wolf bob looked died at ninety six years old he was the he's a hall of fame broadcaster he's even older them vince scully he started earlier than vince scully he was the first television playbyplay guy for the washington senators that had to be in the fifties that had to be in the fifties he called the dawn larsen perfect game and he called the johnny united as handoff to alanon meeks she the greatest game ever hit call those games kate belt one was in fifty seven one was in fifty six fifty nine or something like that he did maryland games he did the bullets for awhile did the new york knicks forever and ever never on radio i mean he and more of.

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