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Firefighters battling a blaze that covers 36,000 acres near Mammoth Lakes. California are also rescuing campers trapped by the flames. Military helicopters save 63 people from the fires, but their efforts seem far from over. The Fresno Fire Department says two people are severely injured. And that helicopters are returning to rescue more, although how many remains unclear. Madera County sheriff says about 150 people are sheltering in place at mammoth pool boxes. Jackie Bonnie is Democrat Joe Biden campaigns in the battleground state of Michigan this week, a place the Trump People are feeling very good about the Republicans here in Michigan are fired up to vote for President Trump, and this is it's indicative that Biden is visiting here. Democrats should be scared about Michigan. It went red in 2016, and I think it's gonna go right again. Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield on Fox and Friends America. Coming up Tuesday on Justice Andrew Sam will have the top five stories you need to know. From over the long weekend at 6 20 Plus are the state of Minnesota and the Senate race for Jason Lewis, considered tossups will discuss that with Jason on Tuesday show Justice and Drew Live and local 6 to 9. Twin Cities news talk All right. For those yesterday I'm gonna go ahead and talk about it. Just for a moment. Here on Justice Andrew Twin Cities News talking him 11 31 035. FM. We do have Monday off will be back all together again on Tuesday. Looking forward to it, did you? Ah hung out this week with us. Um, Yesterday we played a bit of this audio played here. This is the superintendent..

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