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We are willing on Lee won milling only one missing element to make us able. And that's your phone call, because we need your phone call. We're gonna have me your question and give me an answer to your problem. And stay you money 808 590 wjr. Give us a call right now. 308 590957. It's a Maytag washer question from our listener. And Leonard Joe, this is Jim. Good morning, Jim. Thanks for calling And how may we help you say Good morning. Thanks for taking my call. Um, I got a cap alone made a washer. That's Make him some unfriendly noises. And, uh, my best guess would be a barren drum baron. It was one on your opinion on homeowners during the tackle that job Well, first question is How old is this washer? 15 15 years 15 years old is they got two belts underneath. Just You know what? I don't know. I put a pump in there, but I didn't really look around much. You know what? There's one belt? That's it. Then Volkoff replace that pump. As a life span of 10 years. Oh, really? Yes. Yeah. It made by world full Oh, You said he said the belt has a life span or the Baron. The whole washer has a life span. Ok, here. I didn't hear you. Yeah. And Uh, yeah, bearing this. You see any little round ball bearings floating around the floor underneath it. You know, I haven't looked under there. Okay, Well, there's a lot of racket. I'm spending. It gets louder. Is it spins faster? Yes. So my mom was just guessed that it would be a Baron. Yes, And you're right. You're absolutely correct on and It's a bit of a pain to change. Yeah. You gotta take the tub out of this thing the whole bit right? Do you know what the Baroness is question or out? Because that would make my mind up. Well, I don't know if it's pressed in her own way. I know it comes apart while when it goes bad when it's full of little round ball bearings in there. Oh, okay, And it's a bit of the job to take apart repair. Maybe it wouldn't be worth it. So the bad thing about fixing something like that is, if you fix it, you spend the money. It's at its life span, right? Then down the road from a month or so where weeks go by, and something else happens. You can only kick yourself one place with your left. Heel. Yeah. No, please. Yeah, we're gonna hate Hate to buy another one, but It is what it was. Yeah. And Jim, you won. You're shopping for a new washer. Going? You owe it to yourself and to your family. Take a look at the speed Queen brand of washer. Yeah, that's the only thing I would consider after listening to you for a while. Yeah, this makes it really has been a good machine. And I'm Yeah. Older stories about new ones on the market. So that's true. And life span of washing machines. 7 to 10 years. Okay, Speak Speak Queen 25. You was a matter of fact. I was in the store here this past week, and there's the big sign on the front of the washing machine. Expect 25 years of life span. Wow. I mean, they're They're very bold. They put it in plain English. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Gary God considered that and you don't want to get into something than Maybe maybe it wasn't even the problem. Maybe there's something in the transmission making noise. I don't know. Well, it could be, but most likely, the very It's a common thing to happen to that Maytag washing machine You want Okay, Very common thing, okay? All right. Appreciate your time. Damn I Thank you very much for calling and hope you'll do it again sometime. Okay. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Take care. Bye bye. There's nothing worse Joe. Nothing worse than a dishwasher that won't clean dishes, But that's the situation are loyalists are from Cleveland, Ohio, following himself in this is Fred. Good Morning, Fred. Thanks for calling from Cleveland, Ohio. And, uh, nice to have you with us. How may we help you? Good morning job. I have a eight year old Frigidaire dishwasher. It seems like it lost most of its Washington power. The top There are basket comes his plane The same for day. Uh, silver basket on the bottom, right? Uh, the detergent container. There's a lid the lid opens up during their Washington Michael, but when it's finished, one third of the detergent is still there, and it's not in powder form anymore. It's like a rock. Yeah, I inspected the tea rotating sprayers, and they also complain. I removed the bottom sprayer and all the parts of the Lord and cleaned the area out, uh, completely claim. And, uh, nothing changed. It still doesn't wash completely so I wonder. What would be the next step to find a problem Or the first thing? I'm gonna ask you is How much water is in the bottom of the dishwasher. After you turn it on, and you hear the arms start to swish around. You shut it off. Open the door. I want to know how much water is in the bottom of the dishwasher. Didn't look dead. I didn't looked. That's a critical question. I'm asking you because if you don't have enough water in the dishwasher, it's not gonna wash dishes like just like you described. Now, you know, it should be just below the spray arm on the bottom, Just an inch or so below. That is the level of water you should have in there. If you don't have enough water. Why do you not have enough water? Well, I just got a anemia all the other day from a consumer who took the water valve. Chucked all the water line off the water valve underneath the dishwasher. And found that the little screen and there was all plugged. Not enough water was coming into the dishwasher. And I believe Fred, we're going to start there. No. Hold your excuse me. Quiet. Do you have a computer? Yes. Then you need to write my email down because I get tons of email every weekend. Every sev matter of fact, I've got a phone right here beside me. You know, I got to e mails on my phone already, and I just went through one hour the show, so they fill it up and I answer every one of them. We're going to go the rest of the procedure. At least maybe you could do this today because I'm back on the air tomorrow morning on Sunday morning for six till eight..

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