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They have no bench scoring whatsoever. If goings and Tillman Santa Fadul because they are really good defensively, and they keep Xavier sips, and if Charles Mathews placed rows matters 'cause I mean what trophies replied from getting to their right hand. I mean, why does anyone let Xavier Simpson gets who's writing gets his right ends passer. He gets his right Haiti shoot the floating Billy faults running hook. He gets his right hand. He contract achey aching. Put more pressure on defense. Why they let him get through his right hand is absolutely my by. I saw that the other night against Maryland. The dude is get right handwriting and right hand in what way against these. Pretty good Ivy. Michigan state stops. Who into his right hand? I think that Michigan state with goings until men are better defensively than ward. I cash is gonna have a big game. And and and that Quaid is got to really step up. I think they will. I can't see them losing back the backers. And I think out I think I they had grass stepping tonight. But I think when that one and I think that the mission statements game. There you go people. There is America. You've just been educated. Thank everybody for listening. I wanna hope you go to wherever you get your podcast and give us a good rating. Maybe we said something you didn't like about your team. But this podcast is off the change y'all so go give us a great rating. It is the world's greatest podcasts. It said Greenberg, our friend producer gape, and Dan dockage peace out where the mother thank you for listening to courtside with Greenberg. Dockage? You can listen it. Subscribe to all ESPN podcast in the listen tab of the. ESPN app, including the latest from the NBA in the hoop collective podcast available in the ESPN app or apple podcast..

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