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Or or very least reysen. I brown and then made clear. They would knuckle under an support. What's going on there. Do you think is he just riding high in his party. Just that the threat of a potential reshuffle help. Do you think to keep people in line. State you know what tori toy backbenches ally. They're all gone dinner. That's there is an irresistible momentum to a government with a majority this large because in order for rebellion to be significant to marshall so many people. I'm a made them all. Hold their no of all of the same time you know. If you're talking about twenty you can imagine a kind of single interest group in pot in parliament numbering twenty and pays from one party but they have to get forty rebels even with the invention of what's app or signal that still more than most rebellions can muster. They just don't have what it takes to cause a serious problem for the government and their inner circle then not eurosceptics. Then not i mean they. They all eurosceptic but the but they don't have that same pedigree of trouble making the the nineteen twenty two made such. Hey with in the nineties. Notice zoe i'm told we could still possibly get a reshuffle. Perhaps not this week but maybe before the party conferences which will be in the next couple of weeks or so There were quite a few ministers would be what what. What can i say without being too pejorative other. You see the back. I mean i do. I mean my. I worry. I have a koerbel. Ba- kaffa what you wish for sensation even even considering this. I'm not saying. It could be worse. But i am saying it could be inouye better the you know the line seems to be solidifying. That johnson con reshuffle. Because he's using. Everybody is a human shield. Whether that's hancock or rob or you know even the only person who isn't working for him as a human shield is soon ac who seems to get kind of a lot of credit and no critique there..

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