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The crewman satellites inside out the epa smith those are my listens lately choices for that oh yeah abba so there is a move coming out called love simon in on this soundtrack there is a track with uh khalid and normandy normany normany holden laminate right yet and i like i love the track like first of all love her as he can saying out they have really pay attention the fifth harmony to be to be true star to be absolutely beautiful girl to be absolutely true for i've heard my sheriff it harmony songs like maybe three or four of them and they all sound good but i've never really identified who was who abbas ali hassan good like acute cool right here on this one by herself owes like yes girl you have exceeded maps expectations anasi why you could be the front row yeah it was the song is called the trek itself is called love lies listen to it as soon as we get on the train it and you i think you're going to put me on the khalid backed a un so he killed initially comes in and you were interesting cloud i'm channel i do i don't really know her voice as china i saw this idea of really yup and um i don't know they just dope she's known as the think there dole together on these releasing them in their picture they they looked good together this is though and i'm like totally and completely ready for her to like spirit her wings into her solo thing she is literally a star every live performance i've seen in them for an she steals the show like dance asahara's oh my god and sequencing seabed you i'm ready for it i am land normany um aren't of her father's name is norman since we ask name question proudly ads i myrosinase.

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