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Got something that I saw there's a couple in India who name their new baby something as their contribution to the fight against the corona virus what do you think they named their baby I feel like we've heard this before did they name their baby uvid cover nineteen or something like that's a different couple different and they were from India as well I believe I know that you could be right I I married into an Indian family services of of high consequence for me what did they name their baby death nope say fair new sandy for the bigger nickname send a sanitary sanitized sanitizer sanitizer with an S. so those people should be taste yes you know and it's a low voltage tasting but just enough to order you know to get your point across like we used to happen in school when someone would come up and give you a would like a purple marble well they would grab your nipple real hard yeah exactly he then they would start during your tracks this is only happening guys you can go for the other phrase other term for that no guidance for the the alliterative with tease her out now that was a a T. twister nothing is sacred anymore like us this is not speaking of baby names Amy Schumer change her baby's name she changed her right from what to what well it kind of sounded like the baby's name was Janet's they were messing with us the whole time with no they weren't she didn't realise teller mother said it right right yeah she said on her or everything up sort of her podcast that they realize that the baby's name was Jean Attell Fisher and the Intel is named after comedian Dave Attell who just sweet yes Amy Schumer admires and looks up to as a comedian comedic mentor so they realize that we can't have this so they changed it to Jean David Fisher still honoring David tell okay good not to be mistaken with general correct right they like I tell though that's kind of cool like Atticus yeah that's a nice yeah it's tough number I David tells show insulin Sonya Achen Comedy Central yeah yeah can you walk around town like at weird hours at various cities it's got like Anthony Bourdain but Dave Attell and he was just looking at other people who were were up at two AM document that's fine I'm not sure yeah now you're lucky if you see anybody on the streets at two PM Donna on a positive if it's funny why did I get the little drum thing all I never get that done we have guard you so quick it's it's so unanticipated you saying something funny that he psychologies are gonna scramble C. O. the he knew I was ready right in front of okay hi I have one final thing that I saw and I'm gonna say it I watch the follow up to the tiger king with Joel McHale if you love it now skip it all down really what what made a dumb was it like an after the final rose kind of a thing it was unnecessary like nobody was interacting with one another there was it was it was Carol believe in baskets there flair player share all I'm not a part of this Joe exotic obviously it was not a part and then once it all off the resume call yeah but none of the people were interacting with one another so jolt would ask a question by the way healer or right he would ask a question of someone but it was just almost like he was doing at a one on one interview then he'd move on to the next person it was almost like a game of concentration where okay I'm done with you that person is eliminated and now you don't see them anymore now you just see the remaining people then once it got down to like one person and that was there some disturbing stuff the the producer guy was the last person he talked to but until McHale just seemed he just did not seem he seemed like he was trying to make jokes that didn't really land there is like uncomfortable laughter I didn't care for it was stupid I'll never get that time back Hey Donna how long was it like an hour yeah yeah on the back burner right now there's a lot of stuff I'm watching so I can't yeah I don't blame me I mean this isn't like a sit down and watch it this is like throwing a load of whites and share and and just have it on in the background do you ever watch your darks I DO okay question in a lot of people have been saying recently that you don't have to separate them I don't know you have to separate your Y. eight months not according to other people well what do you what do you some bleach blonde nobody believes anything if you ever know if you're gonna believe something you that's a special load that's right now will you at least every time free time so I'm throwing in a load a delicate okay apple makes it up yeah hello yeah they all end up just looking torn up in the end so true like oh my gosh there's a hole there I'm not even covering myself I should probably I feel like all my go to clothes are falling apart right now and I feel like I'm not spending any money on anything right now are you guys I'm just paying bills it feels like liquor yeah yeah and gas and food and gas.

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