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Or you can play to where we sent that's it. We didn't have an issue with him being quarterback because we just broke him off to be the quarterback for a long time. He is the one who wanted to get out of the relationship. So if he's unhappy with where now we send them. I wouldn't come back. Come back to the crib and come play for us and do it do it the way that we saw you do the last time we saw you know i. It's funny because our perspective is changed in houston ever since the lawsuits it become. It became a moot point like okay. We're gonna get suspended. He's not gonna play this year anyway because he's gonna get in trouble they're gonna have the league but the league right now has not. Come down onto sean. So right. now he's he's he he showing up a camp. He's not getting fined. There is no commissioner's exempt list. For right now to sean could be taken reps now. I understand. I understand bucky that toronto taylor is going to be your number one. You want to get him as reps davis mills. They feel like they need to take a look at because let's face it next year. They're going to be in the market for quarterback again. So i think they want to have an idea of what they have davis driscoll jeff driscoll to me is just the guy that they've got on the on the roster but Yeah i don't know. I'm gonna mix it up on the show tomorrow. I'm throw that out there saying you know what what's changed really. The texans still have all the leverage. I mean and they have always had all the always. So that's why. I don't understand this narrative behind it. Oh shawn he. He's unhappy okay. Great happy like what is he going to do. So it's out. It's a fascinating story to watch when i heard. He was down there taking rips on scout team and safety to me as i can put him in bubble wrap. I'm definitely not gonna use them all scouting either. He does nothing or he's doing everything on offense. But i'm definitely not playing morale like that. So let's move on to training camp weekly quarterback report. You and i are both are plugged in. I know you on that hotline. Blame where you talking to everybody. Kinda figure out what's going on I'll start it with these quarterback report trevor lawrence in jacksonville. Oh lance oh cowan looking. Oh so much excitement building because every day they i five six throws that just kind of confirmed like oh yeah okay..

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