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I've ever to see more dry days and more hotter conditions especially north central claimed midwest interesting and you know over the past few years every time you and i have talked about the summer market weather in the west we've talked droughts after droughts after droughts but how about this year paul well you may not be severe but it you know they go through their dry season okay and i don't expect a whole lot rain through july in california nevada in those areas now the northwest can get some showers from time to time and then we'll start to see our what we call the southwest monsoon kick in i in july and august which should be pretty active this year so an area from new mexico up through colorado utah could see some heavy actions far showers and storms and the possibility maybe some mudslides local flooding so watch out for the roads if you're traveling in that naked the would for the line august but the west should be dry should have no problem getting out looking at houses and things should look much better than it has been over the past several years excellent will paul i sure do appreciate your coming on the show today and talking about what to expect in the weather this coming summer thank you thank you for having me again you very welcome pop haselock senior meteorologist and head of the longrange forecasting department at accu weather coming up on realistic today so you've made a ton of money in a short term rental on your home but what about the tax bill take throw actively because you may be in a situation where now.

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