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This is the thing that when I look at it, you can sort of Barrow when he talks Sambas have this propensity to project himself in our unique coined the way. In regards to what you're saying dod the he doesn't need to be there. PLIES, these ilk could be a high level. The thing that strikes me is that he clearly want to be there and when you listen to him both Macclesfield on assize end, he's talking about playas on bringing people through and what it means to a young kid coming into a sets up on that level, and this is the thing that indeed him to may not just as manager not just a footballer as a human being because he talks about the humanity of these, he talks about the idea that when. He was at Macclesfield he kept I'll put notes because these plans weren't being paid and these players and these men on on the join almost white. She's that we at the top of the pyramid in the football league and they saw that if you're not being paid league will need to level I'm sorry hide to break you all these people think every should like give all the way up to soldiers in the NFL. These are actual people with actual bills to pay and if you're not being paid then shot. Hora. Mentality will affect your everyday life on the white Sol Campbell toilets about and the way he used interns of. Sort of funnel for what my plans to play in a specific way but I can't do this. If I don't get this, he wanted to and he wants to from all accounts, bring a level of professionalism to he's managerial career that he's hot thrive he's playing career, but some stances have dictated. He's not allowed you thought and that's when you start to get into the realms of what your saying the loic yet you would at least expect the he'd be on a level playing field with everyone else. But unfortunately him, he gets more because he was high profile yet but. If. You're a real man. You should want to play football for Ray. Yes. That's. What I WANNA do having settled are bringing it back to his playing career. One of the reasons why I think he suffers is because I think this happens to allow sportsman across the board at the highest level. You don't tend to get the ending that you want, but we so Campbell multiplied by lock thousand because the end of his primarily career is something of a anger what both of us when we did the research we've already talked. About what happened at the end of his primary? How little we remember the yeah I mean you being caught is out the door bile apology for those of you don't get reference what we need to go into as we get into the end of his career for those that have listened before we go from the end to the start two, thousand and ten, two, thousand eleven season Newcastle. Yes that's Roy. So Campbell and his career, it's a James Park place seven games four, hundred, six minutes talking about games and moments. I. Don't remember for negative reasons..

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