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My nephew reminds me people talking about drawing the middle class economic numbers best they have ever been. How is the administration is destroying the middle class? The NAFTA agreement hill by US w president of these folks do not do their homework. It's a sad state of affairs. All right Oziel rights at the dollar Bank has that access center. Chris could you please have some respect you? Call ballsy Ford, Dr food will you call the balls the Ford is that respectful ballsy for Dr Ford, and you just called Cavanaugh Cavanaugh. He's a judge judge cavenaugh. You know, sometimes I say President Trump sometimes I say child sometimes I used to say President Obama. Sometimes I just said Obama, I think he selective listeners should know that no disrespect is meant by saying it that way. I think you just selective listeners. Okay. Kevin is a great man Oziel continues who has served the country for twenty eight years. Yeah. He served the federalists. And and trying to make decisions as he's being groomed for the supreme court. So we could continue a right wing policy here. But ozo- continues I won't interrupt anymore. It's so funny. How the Democrats stole these Akane disrespectful. Comments and remove a word like judge to try to make this man, look bad. She is a liar. I saw her testimony, and it was a complete farce when they would ask her a question. She would have to flip through the pages to find the answer. Then her lawyer told her to say there is no evidence and witnesses even denied it happened detector paid for by lawyer that consisted of two questions. Oh, yeah. The lie detector was done in a shady hotel room. Bye bye dims. We're don't count the dams out yet. I'll tell you that right now. They may be as mad as you Republicans. And that's why the nation is divided. We'll see in the next election. What happens? All right. Let's go to Michael in the Southfield, Michael you're on Katie k yeah. Okay. I was just gonna say. You say what? Michael. Lou, michael. I don't know what happened to Michael we lost. Okay. Let's see what else is in the tech slime in. And will you think he's there now? I Jame again, Michael are you there? Nope. He's not there. All right. We'll let him go. All right. Nice eight Frank fan. The anti Cavanaugh people, spewing the CNN Democrats using talking points hate last. I looked at was leftist cornering senators. Let's see lifetime appointments of judges designed to illuminate all lemonade. You say luminated as what you wrote. But I think you meant eliminate autocorrect working for you eliminate all political influence in their decisions. I think that's correct. We just looked this up. It says the basic purpose of lifetime appointment is to ensure the integrity of the power granted to court justices and to protect them against unwarranted interference from either the legislative or executive branches the express an implicit separation of the supreme court from other branches of government is therefore upheld in accordance with the principle of providing checks and balances the executive and legislative branches exercise control over the supreme court by respectively proposing and approving candidates for that body. Well, I guess that's exactly the way it's done, and the founding fathers probably tried to do it that way for a very good reason. And the problem is I think it's it's become politicized once more. And again, even though we're talking about. Lifetime appointments, and as I pointed out to an earlier caller. We were talking about judge is here being elected in the Commonwealth and people criticize that method of putting a judge's on courts to did I say judges I want to give them the proper respect. All right, Jim in Pittsburgh, you're on Katie gave. Hey, Chris, how're you doing real fine? And you. I'm good. Occurred to me, you know, a lot of problems we've had like with President Bush versus gore and President Trump. What would it take to get rid of that electoral college and just go with the popular vote as people vote? I don't think you can founding fathers put it there because they think all of us the great unwashed electorate weren't smart enough to elect people. And so they would make the decisions for us. And I think that's what happened in the last presidential election because Hillary Clinton got more votes popular votes than he did the right legit has to be a way to get rid of. It was a constitutional or something are magin. It would take a constitutional convention to revise it. But don't look for anybody to do that. Everybody's scared. If you open up to a constitutional convention that people will come up with all kinds of amendments. Yeah. But they would. Because you know, when the property vote wins, you know, people get upset the electoral college does behind this other person one. Well, I just thought I'd ask no gay. Thanks a lot. All right. Let's get to the traffic. You know, what I wanna know?.

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