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Option and shape Patterson holding onto it after faking to the running back and he's getting some room. It'll be second six for the wolverines. And that really adds another another layer to this Michigan offense of this section for shape. Patterson to be able to run. Option. Well, we've just got an announcement from the officials John there's lightning within the designated area and for the safety of the fans and both teams they are postponing this football game or delaying this football game. And both teams will now head to their locker room. So we expect the weather. Doug CarShield down on the sideline. You saw that weather coming. And clearly there was a lightning strike near the stadium within the specified area. And it's just a rule. The NC double A's is the tooted once they get that lightening strike in that area. No questions asked game is suspended while you guys are facing east. I am looking back at the press box to the west it is dark and ominous. I this does not surprise me. So multi back to their locker rooms, look I grew up and played in a soccer league where there was a lightning strike at the game before the hit some people. So I guess I'm a little sensitive to this. But I think it should be taken very seriously. The hard part, of course is getting fans to comply shelter areas. Nearby for fans to go to but good luck getting them to comply. That's going to be the top part. You've got almost the full house here. I'm still amazed. John Jansen we're five fifteen left to play first quarter. And there's that section of the upper deck. Well, they don't have anybody in it. I know it is surprising. And it's not like they're roping it off because there are sprinkled in there. A few fans. But you would expect this game to be a sell out completely. But clearly there are seats available here at Spartan stadium. But that it really.

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