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Of drum and fife. I was GONNA play the Kirch Araca just for the hell of it but. Let's not veer too far from the norm here we've got banger slater's. On the road at the southern Spartans Dan who you got. I'm going with other in Lehi because I did I've done some research on some of these colonial league squad. I should say towns towns. So. Big. Welsh. Heritage over there in Bangor Thai Heritage Welsh and maybe the slater's has something to do with the rocks. There's lots of rock situations and formations in walls and Bangor I'm going with southern Lehigh because they're the spartans as you mention to. You know what the name of their robotics team is go ahead the spar tech's surprised. That's good. That's really good. Spar Tech's I liked that spurt. And we'll send Wilson Warriors against the Cata sock will rough riders Dan. I gotta go blue bombers though do I do shout Wilson traditionally a wrestling and track superpower play Palmer to not playing in this game. It is Wilson against catastrophic were there is no blue bomber presents oh, sorry rough riders. WHO's the rough riders? No it's cat ASAKA catatonic. High. School rival Dan. How dare you know pretty sure in the NFL L. It's the Saskatchewan rough riders I have no idea but I know it's caddy I. Detest it is. It's the Saskatchewan rough riders. So I'm sticking with the NFL fame sorry blue bombers I'm going with Cata while I'm going with caddy the rough riders and they're Canadian Connection Gimme the Wilson Warriors Dan how dare you? Okay, you got between these cells Berry Falcons in the northern Li Hi bulldogs. Ran Out of time researching. So I'M GONNA go sells bear gotta go falcons here, Falcons yeah. So in Valley, Panthers on the road bad for all things associated with.

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