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President Trump, Scott Fox, Chicago discussed on Austin's Morning News


In the morning Patrick Osborne topping Austin's news it now looks like it'll be trump versus Biden in November is Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign is that Bernie Sanders is spending his presidential campaign got an immediate reaction from president trump who wrote on Twitter this ended just like the Democrats and the DNC wanted same as the crooked Hillary fiasco also putting out a statement Brad Parscale the trump twenty twenty campaign manager who wrote it's all but official that the Democrat establishment got the candidate they wanted and Joe Biden as well as the candidate president trump will destroy in November the trump campaign now preparing for big battles in Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin three states that could determine who will win the twenty twenty presidential election in Washington John decker fox news president trump says as the battle against covert nineteen continues the supply chain is moving to keep up with demand the president says while ventilators are being built to distribute masks are on the move six point six million to New York and New Jersey one point eight million to Chicago one point seven million to Detroit in eight hundred and thirty seven thousand to New Orleans but as the medical war continues the president says an economic war also rages to bring the country back to prosperity we have to get our country back we have to get going everybody wants to get going that he says is where an additional two hundred fifty billion dollars in stimulus he's asking Congress for will keep employers going through this tough time of social distancing good all Scott fox news governor Greg Abbott says within days Walgreens will offer drive through covert nineteen testing at some still to be determined locations across Texas offering results in only fifteen minutes this comes as Texas is nearing the one hundred thousand mark for total test conducted and it says it's now taking twice as long for the number of positive cases to double than it did just two weeks ago what that means is.

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