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Yeah ordinarily i have very little tolerance for pogs but those were so well done i'd federal plot of love it yet good place still a pretty and shell yet we'll talk about that in a couple of weeks after maybe next week after this week's episodes aired advocate dismore spoilers about stopped short short but date speakers boilers see i can do trash hey treads as i can in transitions we have that curb your enthusiasm is back after a long long hiatus longer than usual even verse show that is known for long hiatus is we did not get screeners for the shows i know you went to an event and saw two episodes right yeah i saw the that aired last night and i've seen the season's fifth episode okay so do you see them out of order uh yeah because b a lot of the season's apparently serialised spinning out of stuff that we saw happen embassies in premier editors a one or two episodes later on that don't really touch on it so larry filtered faith to screen one of those for the public okay so i've only see one you've seen to it's pretty good to have these guys back right uh i would even go so far say it's per day particular alma gosh yes yes i know it would steer the premier i liked it i didn't love it might i don't know that i would lo i loved the fifth episode either but i really enjoyed it they were happy they felt like curb your enthusiasm episodes in a way that a lot of these revivals and we could do we can argue later about whether this even as a revival but in a way a lot of these shows that come back after lord have away fueled kind of like very imitating what they use to do this just felt like an episode of curb your enthusiasm and there's a lot of funny selfie it it and so many good guest actors both people we know like ted danson and do people like harry browne steam i was i was really happy with it you i thought it was good i thought it was gonna be a wasn't i don't think he was my favorite lately i wouldn't put it in the top ten curb episodes of all time or anything i think you know there were some things that kind of didn't quite.

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