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Her we will play yes Hannah says her theme song your music do we have a theme song for my man it will Ferrell it's not it gets that's pretend one sort of it let's say I got it sixty percent of the time it works every time now that's that's also from anchorman I'm on one more I think I could get one more probably anyway once you set it up there we Cooper and we'll we'll go from there will Farrell made televised version history last night I got him what a loser he was the special guest on six late night shows did six late night shows he appeared last night as his anchorman character Ron Burgundy with Stephen Cole bear that's a character Ron Burgundy I thought as a real person will Ferrell plays him are you joking wow I was full I go on anyway so he appeared as Ron Burgundy was Stephen Cole bear Jimmy Fallon yes Carl Brian Jimmy Kimmel Seth Meyers and James court he was on all of those shows last night every single one of them that's impressive well because he was there live now you do figure out like some of them are New York some of them are in Los Angeles yeah right that's what we what we will it doesn't say how he did it doesn't say how he figured out my guess is he probably pre recorded some of it of course he had to well for people who don't know this at home when you turn on say Cole bear Kimmel or Fallon at eleven thirty so pre taped no but they got a five o'clock in the afternoon but that's my point they pre tape it five yeah right so how is he able to get from New York to LA in time to pre tape for both your selling that these are all pre taped in one day I that's what I'm saying he must've pre taped some of them the day before but then how do they not know that the that they were gonna run on the other shows yeah because otherwise when you know the other networks teas like out will Ferrell's on Thursday and don't you think of like CBS said that out loud NBC would be like wait a minute we have will Ferrell on Thursday that can't be right it's a great point no one's ever been on all six at the same night while right and that's what he did was let's say he was on call bear well he was called yeah Kimmel and found all the same time was where they did they're all the same time it was the same episode what was he on a nice green simultaneously I cannot I wonder I'm not sure but think about it like you know so yeah maybe he ran from CBS to NBC but camels in LA exactly right so at some point it I wonder how they kept it under wraps where because you can't the guy it can't possibly be were CBS NBC and ABC said yes sure find what the same guy on it had to be in on it because they had to say the like Jimmy Kimmel for example is nominal I'm pulling this thing off you need to help me because you can't there's no way you could do this and not have people on the inside like he would have had to have said to Jimmy Kimmel listen we'll shoot this on Wednesday aired on Thursday it's very simple a he just told them all because they're all friendly with each other they are anyway yeah look I'll give you this interview it's always great when I do Burgundy you probably get a nice little uptick in your ratings but you can't say anything no one it's August when there's no one around that's another thing too yeah they're probably pretty skimpy on guest yep I got I watch some of the shows the other night I was like who is this person I don't know who half the people word nobody famous is around everyone's everyone's got in August well by was on one of the shows no no no you weren't on Jimmy Fallon or color of Brian this is only a sailor who is this boy there's the deal is done Josh gad was on one of them and they're making the biggest deal of Josh gad I'm like wow it's really I mean I love Josh gad don't get me wrong but they made it seem like you know Brad Pitt was there John that's a guy plays all off that's my point you know who he is all right give me your top five will Ferrell movies quickly let's see brothers old school and then of course anchorman stepbrothers you throw that in there I love that movie I think that's very underrated like I I agree with you go ahead you want and you gotta throw on also I think Ricky Bobby yeah that's how they get nights that's alright yeah you know and I mean you could even go further what's the one the night at the Roxbury use lights moving now because it started to help start his career and I'm late he also did a lot of things like you know he was Austin powers I loved this character there but those are will Ferrell movies go to hell power yeah that was good I think broken my leg I will try to look at it I broke about like to anchor man it's easy wedding crashers old school when the girls schools one of my favorite one it was overrated anyway when we come back per it's time to go to conscious corner three stupidest tweets of the week that's next seven tend to.

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