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This is the current on. Cbc Radio One. My Name's Matt Galloway the CBS's Andrea. Bill Maher is part of team. Fact checking this pandemic for you separating stories that are true from stories that are completely bogus and this week. She is looking at groups exploiting the pandemic Andrea. Good morning learn. That told me about this. It's tricky because every time you sort of knocked down one of these Fake news stories. There's another one that POPs up. What is that like to try and keep a handle on this? Yeah so I guess what? I think. It's kind of like. Do you remember that scene that very famous scene from Lucy were Lucian Ethel or trying to wrap all the chocolates on the conveyor belt coming by more quickly yet I shouldn't make a joke. But it's Ki- I kind of feel like that sometimes when you're just trying to get to everything things going by and you're oh. I want to debunk to you'll see information that you know is actually very harmful and there's just a lot of it so it's always trying to do as much as we can. There's quite a bit out there. Which is why. According to the calendar it was the International Frac Checking Day on the second of April. That's right yes. And that is something that is helmed by Pointers international fact checking institute pointers Journalism Instruction Institute in Florida and You know they actually have a spreadsheet on their website and this is where all fact checkers around the world have been submitting fat checks related to Cova Nineteen and on that day. They actually noted that they had over. Three thousand a submissions. Such quite. Quite a lot you've been looking into. People may have heard about this over the course of the news today far right groups who are trying to take advantage of the pandemic. Why is this time now? Such an opportunity for those groups one of the things. That's really interesting as I was speaking to people who whose job it is to monitor the far right and they said something that really struck me and they said you know. There's nothing that the far right likes more than a crisis. Those were actually the words of Barbara Perry. She works at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa. She heads up there center on on extremism fear. And you know one of the things that came out was that you know people are afraid. They might be looking for simple and satisfying answers about what's happening up when things get more stressful and confusing if you're trying to you know so discord or you're trying to take advantage of that for your own means It you might be able to get away with it or you might feel that you might be able to get away with it and you know. Here's something that Barbara said to me that I felt was really really interesting. And I'll just Elect her say here are what we are seeing. Though is that these sorts of narratives of our. They're no longer restricted to the far right if they were in fact and so those sentiments those narratives that are flowing so so easily online venues in particular and this is the other piece right. I mean. There's there's a bigger audience for folks or the far right now. So many of us are online. That's where we're living our lives right now. So we're so vulnerable. I think to this sort of messaging. And you know the things that you really probably are seeing. A lot of. Those might be Hateful in xenophobic posts. There MAY BE POSTS. That are Blaming Asian Canadians or Jewish people for the pandemic end than there are quite a few conspiracy theories in united chatted about some of these conspiracy theories before. So those are things that you might come across as your spending your day on the Internet. Are there examples? Th that would be routed here in Canada of those conspiracy theories that are swirling around online now. Absolutely Jacob Davis and he's with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue in London he specifically mentioned to me a conspiracy theory that the krona virus had been created in the national microbiology lab in Winnipeg or have been worked on that lap in that lab and stolen by Chinese researchers and taken to China and so that conspiracy theory actually is a distortion of story that. Cbc News Broken July. And that's when we revealed that a researcher husband and some of their graduate students were escorted out of that lab The RCMP had opened investigation and they described it as possible policy breach in an administrative matter and both the RCMP and health. Canada told us they stressed. This there was never any danger for public safety in our reporting never said that those scientists Were spies and of course you know that is something that has just sort of spiraled and of course You know the other aspect of that is and we've talked about this. As well as the krona virus the one currently causing this pandemic was created a lab. We know this because scientists have been able to sequence the genome. And they've been able to look at it. Tell us that it has not been but remains. Probably one of the most popular conspiracy theories out there. The Prime Minister Himself Justin Trudeau has been the subject of Some conspiracy theories as well when it comes to covert nineteen yes A common conspiracy theory might be that. He is not doing enough to prevent the spread in his doing that on purpose. Or it might be because he You know wants to use this Jesus as an opportunity to consolidate More of his power Or that he might try to bring in Marshall Law. These are all conspiracies Around him then of course. There's a lot of posting. That might be very critical of him. Or you know that might be very aggressive towards him and I mean obviously as leader. He has a focal point. And then of course Trudeau has done things. Such as when he went to the airport to welcome Refugees FROM SYRIA. So there may be people that really objected to. What are you? Ask yourself when you're trying to figure it out if the things that you're reading online or true or false one of the things that I think about Especially WITH CONSPIRACY. Theories is who does the conspiracy. Theory benefits are leaps of logic there without evidence. Something really farfetched on also sometimes. Is it someone trying to tell you? Something sometimes People who are conspiracy theorist large platform may also be pushing products of dubious value But there may be that Anglos well or they may be trying to scam money. I mean the other thing of course is is. It's always does seem too good to be true or does this hit me in a really emotional place isn't really stoking. Fear or panic or sadness and so if there's an emotional trigger that's something to really ask yourself about. And lastly does it just seem like you know really unbelievable in the last minute or so that we have. Let's talk about what Health Canada's doing to crack down on these companies that are selling those fake remedies. Yeah that's right in the past week so health. Canada has gotten dozens of complaints Canadians. That are reporting advertisements for products that claim they can prevent or treat or cure the current. Oh virus and they actually provided us with a list of twenty seven cases Where information was withdrawn. And they actually detailed some of those advertisements so for example You know there was some sellers on Amazon Canada that were touting that they had a special anti-dust anti fog anti corona virus hat that could isolate infected saliva hat. Yeah I've also seen a claim about a necklace as well a necklace head cannot prevent you from getting krona virus. There's also a mix of mushrooms that is meant to boost your immunity in prevent Kobe. Nineteen so that was something else that Health Canada Flag. That was not correct. There was a natural path office in Toronto that claimed it had a specific Oregano oil. That had the ability to halt virus replication in host cells infected with the Human Corona virus. Data's not correct either all things that have caught the eye of Health Canada Andrea. Thank you thanks Andrea. Bill Maher is a reporter with CBS's Cova de Nineteen fact checking unit time to say goodbye to our listeners. Newfoundland and Labrador for everyone else. The current is back after a break. And you'll hear why cove in nineteen is not just a public health crisis. It is an issue of racial justice in the United States and here in Canada as well stay tuned for that. I'm Matt Galloway. This is an extended edition of the current on. Cbc Radio One or back in a minute.

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