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Now. It's almost like the predictability thinking lakers are not lakes cavs vs warriors. We had that for four straight years four straight years and it got old the as soon as he got there. Okay you might as well. Just hand it to them at that point. You probably should have. Because that's how it ended up in those last to the back. End of those series. Predictability is boring. It really. is we all sports okay. Sports it's good to have those big bad guys. You know the new york yankees. The los angeles lakers alright. Those teams that are like they're always there and they're always the big bad. You know evil empire what what have you. It's nice having that but it's also you need the david to the goliath you'd need it and there's none here. There's i classes on a david. Alabama's david goliath. It's except for notre dame what the hell you can call them. Alabama's conscience by. Yeah i guess. They're the david in this but you still david on steroids. David has the most national championships in college football history. Yeah that's that's fun for everyone to see all right but also carolina cincinnati. People would attuned in people would attend even if even like okay first quarter. What if they're getting blown out fine but they got their people would have watched it at the very least but unless unless a meteor strikes the alabama football team. I don't know if notre dame even has a shot and we forgot to mention san. Jose state also undefeated. Yeah yeah So and college football. This is some some of the reason why. I can't really get into it to be honest. Sometimes like it's because it's like what's the point of all this. I go to some whatever bowl game in the middle of nowhere sponsored by some guys uncle and and that's it that's i have no other shot. I know chances spire to championship. It frustrates me. Okay i know forest has won their sufferings in my lifetime. Happy about it but for you know people. Are you guys that sucks. It really sucks. It really sucks like having something to be mad about collective We are part of some things like we're we're not going to the championship for houston. We're not going to any of anything anytime soon. Until i don't know but the lack that and i will say this during moving last season to be part of i don't know the entire lower bowl chanting fire drivers bush dot belonging and this year's been so topsy turvy like i'll admit i've had a harder time engaging with this football season than i did anything both even when i was a road warrior on the road forty two weeks a year. Yeah i mean. This has been urged year. And i would you guys like. Yeah but technically like. I've watched most of their games. Which is very strange because i watched relatively houston games. We watched all of indiana's games down. Okay but i mean. That's what i think people want is especially when a lot of people are staying home..

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