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Smart garden show here on C. C. O. Denny along as a way he'll be back next Saturday in time for the first day of the state fair damn burns Lloyd's automotive Grand Avenue in Saint Paul and studio go to the phone lines plans so you're on the air good morning I've got a ninety nine Lincoln town car about a hundred twenty thousand miles on it with my wife she's very much Monday have found that some the other half that it came out the back of the card replacement any freeze and nothing happened the ground would be nothing we could yeah I will know what's what's going on there well I wonder if just by coincidence that when you park the vehicle that one time if it was hot if if if it had over heated because if you're not finding a leak after you refill that that makes me feel pretty good that that that there's not a whole sub for her the other place that it can come out as if it's hot she gets high enough that it they the fluid will actually cause the cap to release and the fluid well you know run out down under the car and and so forth so I wonder if that's what it is if it was maybe on a day that when the weather was hot enough and it cost it over he sell I think that's probably what you should should look for and and you know maybe you're not gonna find that'll do it again now if we don't get some hot weather but that's what I would pay attention to when you are driving it is pay attention to the temperature the gate agent and the light and and just be sure that it's that it's not overheating I think I would watch out for that by the way coolant very deadly for our paths at them coolant leaks are a problem in the driveway or in the garage because I've never tasted it but it but it's sweet and sorry I can't get into it man it can kill yeah I can have very dangerous so be careful of that yeah for sure good news is it it'll rents down with just water so you can you can rinse it away there and it is that one of those things modern vehicles I I keep hearing you you brought it up on the show before a with Danny many times coolants kind of a thing you don't have to touch much anymore is that right most of the fluids is yeah it's true most of the fluids are are built to be lifetime Phil and Phil and leave them alone and and coolant as is often times one of those where that's just the lifetime fluid after monitor the level because sometimes it really is just a little bit but and and then of course there's a dozen different types of coolant and different color and a whole bunch of things about it to that on these new cars you have to be a little bit careful about what you put back in there so that's one more warning as long as we're on the subject be sure that that instead of just pouring any old fluid in your vehicle be sure you using the right thing because it makes a difference from our tax line by the way our number is six five one nine eight nine nine two two six.

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