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Slow motion four to one on the morning line and the final leg of today's mandatory payout Rainbow Six at Gulfstream. That's right. It all has to go. So a good day to be playing the races down in South Florida and nobody knows that better than our friend Ron nicoletti, who is on top of all the action down there. Fantastic handicapper, he's put his pick 6 ticket together. This interview, as I welcome Ronnie to the show, brought to you by our friends at jellyfish water. Ronnie good morning, my friend. Good morning, Mike. Nice. Nice to talk to you. Excited for this Rainbow Six today. Whenever you get these mandatory payout days, it just kind of it takes things to a new level, doesn't it? Yeah, it really does. The excitement just ratchets up and they're expecting a little over three $1 million to bet into going in. We got 450,000 live money. So, you know, that's adds to it. So it's up for the taking. And what is interesting about this one is this is the first time with a mandatory payout that four of the 6 races are on the new to Peter surface. So I find that totally interesting. And it's a new situation down here. So it's going to take a little bit of handicapping to get this thing done. Have you noticed any trends that folks can keep an eye on when it comes to those races on the tepida? Yeah, you know, we've been watching them and in the beginning, the first couple of weeks because the track has to settle. It was just basically mid race stock is or closers, and it seemed to level out. We had like just a spurt where four or 5 races of the FrontRunner one. So it seems to be loving it out and there's no like an old bias, we say, oh, it's speed. You got to have your speed. It seems to be pretty good. It's really a jockey's race on the torpedo. With the fact that we have the new whip rule. So you just got to sort of get your horse in the right position to make that charge down the stretch. The most amazing thing about it, Mike, is the second day it was and we had one of these belly washes here in South Florida, which we've been dealing with and that track was perfect. It was one of the same I don't know if this is going to work out and it has been fed path so far. As far as when it's raining. Now it's a slow track. We know that it takes 36 months to a year to get it to where they want it. So it's been fun. Yeah, that is one of the benefits of an artificial racing surface that Ronnie is the plan that say, for example, the championship meet, if we get a day where it pours down rain like you just talked about. And let's face it, they happen in South Florida. If we get a date like that, races are taken off the turf. Will they be moved to the tepida surface so that some of these Terra forces stay in and we keep bigger fields? Yeah, absolutely. That's the plan. And I don't think they're going to write the plan is not to write that many to Peter races for in the card, maybe one a day, but it's basically going to be used for exactly what you said. The last two days here in South Florida, in the afternoon, it's been pouring, you know? So we were making a joke yesterday that they should have taken the main track races up and put them on. It was perfect yesterday. You know what, it's a new situation. It's been fun handicap and, you know, sometimes you scratching your head, but that's what makes it all more fun. When you look at a day like today, and you have that mandatory payout in the Rainbow Six. Change the way you approach structuring your ticket and the horses that you choose? Yes. Because absolutely. I wanted to tickets I put together is what I can afford basically during the week. I don't like to put up a $200 ticket. For the folks out there, the best if they don't leave me to tell them if they spent $200 on a ticket, so I like to keep it $40 $30. But when it comes to day like this, you know, it's beautiful question. Not dealing with any takeouts or anything. You guys send it in. So I'll get a $100 ticket as I'll put it together. Now if I get a partner or something like that. And you know, the key to this I found is you got to find that one race where you might be able to single or use two horses and go deep in some of these races that are just so hard to handicap. So, you know, that's my thought about it. I try and zero in on something I really like. You know, best bet or whatever. And I try and build my ticket around that. You know, after you ended up at the end of the wait, I got to go back and change this a little bit, you know? Let's start with race number 5. That's the first race in the sequence. We'll walk through all 6 races and kind of get your thoughts on who you think might be live in those races and the 5th race here we go. Mile in 70 yards, $20,000 claiming event and how winters are two lifetime. Maybe for a lot of people a bit of a head scratcher, tell me about this one. Well, you know, I went with the four horse and Katie's dream girl actually like this was a lot today. 6 to one in the morning line. I'll tell you about wheeling back in 6 days. So just ran 6 days ago. But dropped to the 20 level and I like the fact that this horse is stretching out, broke out with at the start.

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