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Was a time of introspection. Sean Alan sat quietly on the curb throughout most of the event, he says he came up from Philadelphia. I just came here last night just to show up and pay my respects in person. I felt like I had to do something, you know, you know the whole atmosphere nowadays, you know, it's the least I could do. Throughout the morning families read the names of their loved ones who died in the attacks. Jasmine Garza. NPR NEWS, New YORK president traveled on to the crash site of United Airlines flight 93. And Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where 33 passengers and seven crew members died. Along with the hijackers. President Biden will spend the rest of the weekend in Wilmington, Delaware. New research finds that survivors rescue workers and people who witnessed the attacks on New York City's World Trade Center have been experiencing lasting mental health problems. NPR's Richard Chatterjee has details. Researchers say that the rates of depression and post traumatic stress disorder among people in New York City and nearby areas went up shortly after 9 11. While a majority recovered in six months about 10% have continued to struggle with symptoms Mark Far fell is the director of the World Trade Center Health Registry, which has tracked over 70,000 people affected by the disaster. This disaster of 9 11 in New York City. Has had long term impacts and significant impacts on both. The responders and the silver civilian survivors, he says. Often survivors are struggling with more than one mental and physical health condition, which makes it harder for them to bounce back quickly. Read the Chatterjee NPR news. This is NPR. For the second week in a row, The Dow Jones industrial average closed down for the S and P 500. Friday's lower close was its fifth consecutive loss. But its first weekly decline after two weeks of gains overall, is NPR's David Gura reports. Wall Street continues to worry about the health of the economy. The Dow ended the week down 2.2% and the S and P and the NASDAQ also fell during a shortened trading week because of the Labor Day holiday. There continues to be concerned about how the Delta variant could affect the economic recovery as president Biden outlined new vaccination and testing requirements and investors continue to await more guidance from the Federal Reserve on its policies. As Europe's central bank announced it will scale back some of its support to markets shares An Apple fell by more than 3% on Friday after a judge ordered the company to make big changes to its APP store. David Gura, NPR NEWS New York Cloud based business software companies. Salesforce is telling its workers that if they are currently working in the state of Texas, the company will help them leave. At issue is a new law in Texas that severely restricts abortions in the state. The CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff tweeted to his workers. Quote If you want to move will help you exit your choice. The company notes. It's not taking a stand on the law per se, but it intends to stand with its female employees. The Texas law bans most abortions after six weeks. The Supreme Court declined to act on the law and the Justice Department is suing Texas. I'm Louise. Given. NPR NEWS.

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