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But they are running low. I'm hearing I saw Ricky's photos of the city winery, and it seems like a very cool. Good venue. So the info is pinned to our around the NFL Twitter account, and yeah, we here in the tickets are going take very limited. So if you want to be there for second live show, I here in the United States of America hit up around the NFL on Twitter and click that link and reserve your tickets, my significant other chain. Her flight to a day earlier to get there to witness this. So to have you don't f it up you pressure was white. She's sitting there. She's like this is the man that that will sink or float our family financially with his ability to the a broadcaster. And like you feel that energy. She's looking at you. She's like is he going to be the stars. You're gonna come big. Or is he gonna melt under the lights? Are you gonna feel that energy? I mean, when you're married to someone they see you fail so often so consistently that whatever I do at that show dark not going. No, not at all not going to change any impressions at all. It's just like role in get it done. Check the box a nice time onto the next day. Right. I think it's hot. We'll see I think so like seeing her man up there on stage. And I think it's going to be a great night. What else wives like? Why don't you tell me they like hotel rooms? So this is like it's really set up well for you. And this show is why. Love hotel rooms ask any wife. They just love it, Dan, you can read into that. However, you want do I you why are you making phase Erica, I'm just laughing. So funny, so witty and funny and smart. Handsome, and you have the best hair. You're your real piece of work erica's. All right. That's it. All right. Here's the schedule for the week Tuesday Twitter show, Thursday, our next podcast. So we're we're not doing a Wednesday show this week so Thursday podcast, then we're on a plane, so no Sunday podcast. But then a ton of content for you next week. We're going to be doing three shows NFL dot com. Video shows from radio row. In addition to the three podcasts that includes. Yes, the live show from city winery. And of course, our sixth annual post Super Bowl wrap up show from mega trans. I'd argue too many too much Conti many shows that's a nickname for the falcons stadium. The roof the roof opens up by whom not Calvin the actual initial the mega trod. Yeah. I get it fake robot. That's in a movie. Yeah. Not the football player. I was definitely thinking Calvin Johnson. And I just didn't get it. Dr this good time to get out. This is Dan heads the signing off for quite storm the mailman you'll boss, Ricky Hollywood behind the glass. No tears two weeks today. Rookie one way or the other. No tears. Here's here's a joy. Empathy?

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