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See you, Doc, calm. Well, we had boner candidate number one, which was man. The chief really gets around the police chief with two mistresses in a small town in Texas. It all came out on Facebook and and was posted on the town's Facebook page. Boner candidate number two gay, Hitler added again. A state legislator in Texas. He's also the head. I think of the Texas Republican Party. It's called the Gay Hitler because he once went to a costume party dressed as what he called gay Hitler. And there were photos posted of that well. He wants to introduce legislation or has introduced legislation. You have Texas secede from the union. Okay, but by no, No, no, no, no, no. No, Let's not be secessionists. I'm not he is. I'm just okay with it. We need to hold the union together on then Utah shames women more. Stringent legislation to make sure that women Are just, you know, go through as much hell is possible. Shame and pain and shame and pain is possible to obtain an abortion. Um, yeah. Uh, Jane want to tote bag? Or the promise of such and the winner was by an overwhelming number of votes. Boner candidate number three Utah shames Women Okay way have are two contestants now for Boehner Fight. One of those two might be boner of the day. We'll send them both to Boehner Dome at 9 20 this morning. That's when you'll vote and you'll decide who is boner of the day. All right, Let's see. Let's go to David Shoulders on the phone right now from the mayor's office. Oh, yes. From Solly County Mayor's Office David morning. Good morning to him. How? How is everyone flying? Thank you Look forward to talking to you to getting the most up to date vaccine information we can get because everybody wants to know how we're doing where we're at where they are on the list. How's it going? Yeah. Far. Well, you know, here I am. I'm sitting in Mountain America Expo Center, which is one of our mass vaccination, make a sites and we're close to 1500 doses a day being administered and we're looking to scale up. Over the next weeks, a zoo. We get more supply, but the supply continues to be the issue that's holding our ability to vaccinate more people. So so we're not getting and I understand Utah's way down on the list of the number of Vaccines that are being distributed by the federal government. Do we know why that's happening? We're working on it. I know that the state you know we were at I think 22nd ranked, um out of 50 states and we're moving up. You know the what? What we're working on right now. Is, um Administering 100% of our doses, and that's that's what we're doing here in Salt Lake County. We have not lost. We have not broken a single bile single of vaccine. We're getting it into the arms of soon as we can, and we're demanding more supply. So what way have to demand? How many do you think you could do in a day You're doing 1500. Now, if there was just an unlimited supply. How many could vaccines Could Salt Lake County doing today? Way Have the capabilities to E O do exponentially more than 1500 a day. We have the facilities. We have the infrastructure. On Um, but, you know, I've seen people go in and six minutes and it takes I was timing yesterday. A soon as you enter the vaccination haul. It takes about two minutes for you two to be given the instructions of what the vaccination is. And then you get the shot and then you wait 15 minutes. It's a very efficient process that we have in place about the registration process. Are people finding it easier to do that? Yeah. So we've both done our registration support. Uh, just we have, uh, it's a by appointment on Lee. If you don't have An appointment. There is no sort of walk up to the clinic and, you know, sign up or anything like that, Um, it when we get more appointments, uh, When we get more supply, there's a wait list and we call individuals on that way. It was toe. Still those appointments. How about people who've done the first vaccine? And are its coming close now to time for them to get their second shot. Those there are just their stuff available for it. And will will they be notified when to come or what? How does that work? Yeah, so there's confirmations that go about first responders and healthcare workers are getting their second doses. I was actually here, watching them go through the process and then The seniors. We actually set up sites. Where? After administration they can book their second dose as they're waiting the 15 minutes and observation eight. So though by the time they leave the clinic, they'll have their second appointment ready. Mm hmm. Well, well, I I don't understand. Don't know is that's exactly the case. I mean, I know people who've who've looked for their second appointment, and all they get is will let you know when it's time to book your second appointment. Her. If there's cases like that, I'll give you all a phone number 385. 468 7468 Or email. It's I am, um, s support at SLC oh dot board AM individuals I am in S YEP, and then support That s L c o dot Borg. So what they made, But you gotta put that out on our social media for people right that. Yeah, that would be great. And you do the phone number one more time. David, if you would search 385 4687468 Okay? Yeah, because I know I know there are people who are just kind of confused about. They've had the first shot and they're confused about when and how they can get the second And really That appointment should be made while you're waiting that 15 minutes. To find out whether you're having side effects or not. That's when that second appointment should be made..

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