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Barbecue sauce? Hey, Gabe, red high lab Gez. How are you? Oh better. But that's only because yesterday was awful. I'm feeling better. Because our last episode we had to talk about something we hate it. And that we get to have fun. We have on somebody to talk about things. To tell you the premise guys in the TV studio with us the ear will studios, but we're calling. Yeah. Well, we just purchased scripts. We've gotten. Very inside podcast. Guys that voice. You heard is the one the only Jason and zoo. Good. Thank you so much for having me. To be here. Right in the raised on TV studio raised by t raised by today's on TV that studio next those guys are making money. Yeah. I can hear them all day. It's. I've already messed up the name of the show going. That's fine. That's fine. Just confirm with our producer. Josh how to pronounce your last name. Oh, that's fine. Because it's all about emphasis Jason guys. You are someone I know as who consumes all media is that possible do consume a lot of stuff, although I've been slowing down a little bit. But behind a little bit thinking about how did this get made? You guys have to watch shitty. Things a lot. We find ourselves watching things that suck. And then we're like pissed how do you deal with that? There's some there's some fan of how did this get made who I cannot remember what their name is. I feel bad. I'm not going to credit them. But they every year send us a breakdown of how much of our lives we've spent watching and talking about that. Did you like the math on this was this long? This episode was this and they put it all together. And it's now something approaching four months of our lives. Complete mum, and he's not even calculating the flights to and from the Wilbur. No, it's funny to think about like, we did a movie this past weekend. That was terrible called van Helsing. Oh, I saw that in a drive in it is really really bad in. It's two and a half hours long. A lot of times these bad movies are crazy long acts like really starts to fuck with my head in a way. I get I get sad. And I it starts to feel longer than it is. And I said he's out. Yeah. Is dominated by these terrible movies. I know last night. I literally my wife game home. And she was like, oh what's going on? You wanna hang out? I'm like, I gotta watch degrassi. It's. It's to watching all this shit with me. So he was pissed. Watch our and I would love to both of your relationships. That's why I'm single people are like I know what you have to do. No one. I am not fucking watching geo storm we. I'm not going to the theaters to see the Meg. I'm gonna paying sixteen seventy five to see the men all my dates, pay smart. That's for future. Ladies going on a day. With me every lady pays twenty eighteen sweet. Think they will. No. But you're also someone I know who's like read a lot of books. Listen to a lot of podcasts seen a lot of movies and TV shows where you always like this even as a youth were young. I think yeah. I think for me as a kid I did not have a ton of friends. Yes. What normal people call friends, I called like time to watch TV and movies. I was like you can relate total. Regicide would just turn on TV. It was just like like like like kind of sheltered kid. I watched a ton of TV and and movies and was obsessed with TV movies. And then eventually like bands and music. Those are the those are the things that really I never I could never correct sports. There were things that I could never get into. But the minute it was like, movies and bands and stuff like that..

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