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So this is the first time since i've been out of coaching that i wanted to get back in coaching i mean he really i mean you look at beeline how much fun was he having you'll get porter how much fun was he having it was in we complain every i did first time first time for me really complaining about the bracket and in every year the thing delivers but now like this a sixteen and one let's see can we just say for a second seth and i i've never in my basketball life i've never i've seen teams compete hard really hard stupid heart but i'm not sure i've seen anybody compete higher than you m bc even yesterday i'm not sure the scra sprint sprinting back on defense like they're not big they're not all that stuff but man did did they play hard seth i i always say transition defense is the least taught aspect to college basketball and i've never seen three guys four guys back like those guys michigan to shot to pull hit just pulling it right out from under sampson and and houston stray rob gray was unbelievable in that game how about purdue i mean a little for purdue losing us and i thought early it looked like purdue is the loss and edwards win out next thing you know what to faouzi comes back in kind of rights to ship gonzaga i'm telling you seth mich ohio state on a roll gets down fifteen to nothing outscores them by twenty over most of the game to go up five zack norville wack wack wack i mean it was incredible a and m you mentioned in credit we saw some play kentucky seth where they beat the hell out of kentucky in the second half i mean beat him and then duke maybe the best team but you know now you got beat syracuse so i.

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