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Welcome back hour number three of the paul finebaum show what matt back from fun sorry i'm here it's the paul finebaum show and we are happy to be with you a lot of you have made it through the first two hours listening within exciting show this is one for the books you give shout eight five five two four two seven two eight five at matt jones radio on twitter or you can do text machine eight five nine three hundred thirty to sixty four if you missed the first half you got a lot of sports in a lot of football talk broke down the flanker position we learned about auburn's flanker we learned about the what else did we learn jim fighting with an and we also talked i gave you a secret about where to use the restroom and corley wrote in with something that has blown my mind since he wrote it i want everybody to think about this it's gonna take a minute for you to picture i think everyone should close her eyes unless they're driving if you're driving do not close your eyes but if you're writing or not driving listen to this matt i tried to get on about your bathroom secret but i couldn't get through i'm gonna give you another one that might close your eyes or excuse me might change your life i like to read magazines when i'm on the toilet so i take my pants completely off and sit backwards on the toilet and prompt my elbows on the back of it and set my reading material on the top eight improves posture my doctor suggested it i don't believe that by the way your doctor did not suggest that and it is more comfortable i love that you like that i mean it's it's kind of a built in table for you they're like you said to rest your arms we read the magazine do you believe it helps your posture yes i do really yeah i'm not actually try tonight.

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