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Excuse. I couldn't do that. That was the worst part. I could have the worst part. Exactly. I had to say it. Amazing from the rat rink. And you know, that's a guy that with miles wood me and biz dusted in a sandbag or at denim country pull almost got him kicked out of that club too. I don't know if I'm way off here, but I'm pretty sure what he first met was cranking it. And then he's like, oh, shit. Yeah, I meant wiping my ass. Like, I don't know if he meant wiping his ass off the start. But the way he was trying to spit it out, it was a classic clip from the rat rink. Hey, can I just switch hands for that? The stranger? Yeah. It feels like the real thing. That's what you call it, the stranger. All the strangers when people sit on their hand and numb it so you don't even feel like it's your hand. I've never tried that for anyone wondering at all. RA wasn't drunk in many. Yeah, no, it'd be dexterous, you know. I could see already being the guy to put like a ziploc bag with lube on it and fuck between the mattresses or something. Jeez, sounds like he sounds like an idea you came up with. Did you guys I'm sure you saw the clip I sent you. It was pretty cool. Islanders in kings played the other night and after the game I had referee dean Morton, I guess he's announced his retirement, but I don't know when exactly he's going to try to investigate, but I couldn't seem to find out. But they all give him, you know, we've seen it before at refs. They all gave Mike handshakes and a bunch of guys gave him hugs and had a nice little chat. Just like a cool little video, but I said, I don't know if he's retiring at the end of the season because it is only January, but it was a pretty cool clip to see, you know, the respect that all the sentence after this year. Yeah. You can't do it like a season and a half in advance. I just didn't know the timing of it with those two teams. That's always just the reverse Tom Brady. Oh, like you're wondering if that was his last name. 'cause they say he's retiring, but I was like, okay, that's a January game between these two teams that I hadn't seen him, you know, getting the goodbyes before. But either way it was very classy gesture by both teams both organizations and I know you know we dump on the reps once in a while here. We know they're a key integral part of the league. So it was nice to see the respect shown by all the players to those guys because they got a tough job. So good job fellas. They get the mic lifetime supply of therapy for all the fucking abuse they take from the guys. And now whenever he does retire, congrats to dean on a great career. Let's see, Vancouver named Patrick elvin, the general manager, Jim Rutherford announced that the other day, the team, Canada, rosto was announced. Noteworthy names on their Owen power, Eric stahl, Josh hosen, Devin Levi, among the players named, it does sound like power, will join buffalo right when Michigan sees and ends whenever that may be and Jeremy Colton has replaced Claude Julian as Canada's head coach. I guess Julian was doing a team building activity in Switzerland. He took a Dixie on the ice, fractured a couple ribs, sold as doctor said he's not fit enough to fly to Beijing. And well, 12 year, he saw the roster. He's like, oh, yeah. How do I get out of that? Look at this random banana peel right here. Have fun, guys. A good luck to call to know. You know, that was a tough exit in Chicago and a young up and coming coach. It's nice for him to get a second chance here. Julian's never skied before and he just takes the lift up to a double black diamond and Switzerland just goes straight down. This'll get me out of it. He's like, oh, look at this, so half pipe. A lot of people suspect that stall is gonna be the captain who would probably make the most sense. And if he is, it would be 12 years after winning gold back in Vancouver. He's already a member of the triple gold club Olympic Stanley Cup World Cup, so let's see moving right along. Oh, the east coast Hockey League suspended Jacksonville iceman for Jacob pineta for the rest of the season, a 38 games as a result of a racial gesture. He'll have a conditional opportunity to apply for reduction of the suspension and reinstatement after March 17th of this year, pending successful completion of a learning experience conducted in conjunction with the NHL's player inclusion committee, the statement from ECHL commissioner, Ryan crean, quote, insensitive actions and gestures regardless of intent can not be tolerated in our game. We all need to learn and grow from this incident and remain steadfast to further educating and advancing our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our league. Did you want to comment on this? Because I felt that obviously he came out with a statement afterwards saying that that was not what he was gesturing. I feel bad for him. I feel bad for Jordan subban as well. Yes. But I also call me a sucker. I believe that this kid completely was doing the tough guy, should shoulder shrug move. It was taken the wrong way. And now all of a sudden his seasons basically over. He was released who knows if he gets signed and it was a lot different than the other instance of the kid completely admitting what he was doing as opposed to this one. So first teammates to come out and release a statement. I thought that was really nice of him. I think they all believe in the character that they know Panetta is truly a good guy and wouldn't have done that. But it's just a shitty situation. Yeah. Yeah. And obviously we're not discrediting what Jordan said about it and we talked last week about how PK spoke and he said, these are the types of gestures that they would see growing up. So both can be true here, I think. Right, exactly, right? So it sucks. I don't know if they've been able to communicate and have a conversation about it, but you just hope that if in fact that wasn't what he was gesturing that this can all be somehow patched up behind the scenes to where there is no animosity where subban is able to believe that that wasn't the gesture, but you know you can't put yourself in sub band shoes because you don't know what he put up with growing up his whole life. So it's just such an unfortunate situation, but as I said, if in fact that that was not what he was doing for him to get his whole season canceled and, you know, for this, which it probably still will, it's going to follow him around the rest of his career and probably into his professional life, right? And if it's not what he intended to do and not what he actually was doing, it's just it's fucking brutal, man. It sucks. And it creates more divisiveness and that's not to also take away from the other incident that happened last week with Boko uma with the incident in the AHL as well. So it was a really tough week and to hear that news. It's just like you hope that they eventually get it all right. And that we don't have to deal with this thing in the future. Well, said biz well said all right, well this one is for all you league hockey players. Make you a team the envy of the league with men's league sweaters. I can't imagine some of the beauty uniforms we're gonna see out in Vegas this week because the chiclets cup, men's league sweaters are gonna be all over the place and they crush it, man. Whether they are doing for jokes or whatever, I feel real team..

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