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Day nationwide, early voting totals I've already passed the total of early voting in 2016 here in Washington, More than two million voters have already cast their ballots. That's more than 41% of all registered voters here. Nearly half of the ballots in King County have been returned home. Oh, Suzanne Fawn says 42% is still the statewide total King County elections authorities offered. These highlights were already close to about 47% turnout. We've got what 11 days ago, we think of £85,000 just from ballot drop boxes, which is just astonishing. Matthew Slate is just excited to do a civic duty. Awesome feels like I'm contributing to the coming change that needs to happen for some dropping off a ballot. It's so monumental. It's worth a photograph. I have never been so excited. Tio drop off my ballot. I would encourage everyone to vote and help others get out The vote in Seattle, Suzanne Fawn common use the state of Washington confirmed nearly 1600 new cases. Of covert 19 over the weekend, and it's almost Brian Calvert tells us there are increased warnings that this is an issue everywhere. As we saw the first clusters of covert cases, they tended to be in larger metropolitan areas. Now it's the more rural parts of the state and country reporting the most new cases. These are some of the same areas that have been slow to embrace wearing masks and social distancing, according to The New York Times reports since late last summer. Her capital case and death rates in rural areas have outpaced those in metro areas, and it will likely be a much bigger issue in the countryside because there aren't as many health resource is like there are in cities. Rural parts of Thurston County, you're seeing increases and the county is a whole reported the most new positive last week than any other week this year as a new wave of infection surges, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the UW Currently forecast that the U. S. Covert 19 death toll could exceed 318,000 by New Year's Day. Brian Calvert camo news There is help for small scale meat processors trying to keep up with demand during the pandemic. The state Department of Agriculture is offering Cove in 19 relief grants to help the plants cover the cost of boosting capacity. Grants are available to processors with 250 employees or.

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