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For the past two years now voice a little horse but for the past two years. We've been fighting to free michael thompson from prison in michigan. He's been incarcerated for twenty five years not for murder not for a sexual assault. Not for robbery but for selling weed. And if you've heard me say this before it's important for me to say it. Wow michael was incarcerated. He literally saw people who were for murder. Serve their entire term and get released. He saw people who were convicted. Some who plead guilty or who didn't who were convicted of sexual assault. Serve their entire term. Michael was imprisoned for so long that he literally saw people start their career at the prison and work their entire career and retire. And while michael was there for selling weed non violent crime while he was there his parents died is only son died. He lost virtually everything he had accept his dignity and he continued hoping and believing that one day he would be free. They convict they. They sentence this man to over forty years. We had to fight to get the governor of michigan. The attorney general of michigan lieutenant governor of michigan. The local district attorney. We had to fight to get them to make this commutation to release this man and when they released him. They didn't do so in my mind. You weed is now legal in michigan and has been legal in michigan for years and even after it was legalized they continued to keep him incarcerated on thankful the gall nerve they continued to keep him incarcerated but michael continue to hope and believe that he would be freed in this past week. Finally in twenty twenty one michael was freed and when they let michael out. They didn't do so with a multi million dollar settlement. They didn't do so where they gave him. Thirty thousand one hundred thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars a year for every year. He was incarcerated. They didn't give him a check for one thousand dollars. They gave him nothing. No housing no transportation. He's on his own. Which is crazy because now he's a senior citizen out in this world that has changed so drastically. He's been imprisoned. i'm forty one. He's been imprisoned since i was teenage boy. And we're going to buy this man a house if you go to my instagram page and click the link in my bio and by the time you click the link. We might have already raised the money but if you go to my instagram page and click the link in my bio at shaun king on instagram. You can see pictures of the home. I've posted some pictures at a home. You can get a link to the go fund me and we're going to chip in and do this together. Today is the first day of black history month and there's pain there. There are painful stories. That i could tell today but i decided today that today the first day of black history month we would come together and do something good something righteous something that will last something that will at least give this one man who was wronged by the system not only give him peace and comfort would literally give them shelter. Give him a place to stay a place to live and We're going to do this and we're gonna have him go. Buy a house in cash. Because here's the thing. There are apartments and god. This makes my blood boil. There are apartments. They won't even lease to michael in michigan and michael appears to basically be stuck in michigan because even though he served twenty five years in prison they decided to put on four extra years of probation unthinkable. We're working on that. We wanted to get michael released and housed and all of that. And if he ever one day decides to sell this house and move on his business but michael pick this home. It's a beautiful home. He loves it. The neighborhood is full of retirees. That are his age of the home is wonderful. And he's ready to move in and so Less make this happen. Go right now. Click the link in my bio on instagram. Chip-in donate and share that link everywhere unless raise these funds to purchase michael thompson. A new home love and appreciate you all. Stay safe everybody. It is a full on blizzard here in new york. Be careful wherever you are. Take care bring the bring. The high ghani rose chief content editor here at the north star encouraging you to check out the northstar dot com every day for inciteful engaging commentary on the stories that impact our culture durant at the northstar mission to advocate mobilize agitate and disrupt the name of creating liberation concert. We unapologetically centered the narratives black brown and indigenous people. We understand that you can get news from anywhere so we are more interested in offering perspective speaks to the experiences of our audience we write freely would freedom on our minds we invite you to indulge in our daily editorials and engage in dialogue that will change the world..

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