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Aren't getting paid were getting paid handsomely. That's why, and that's That's why I feel the most bad for us, our fans and the people who care so deeply in the city and the people who love it, and who truly wanted to be great. It's not That sucks is a player. Should know that we're not giving them. What they deserve. If the Texans lose their final game, it would match the worst regular season record since 2017 4. And 12 SportsCenter all night. ESPN radio Chargers in 1916 win over the Broncos charges first three game win streak since 2018. They improved to seven And 16 and one score game since the start of last season. Speaking of improving the Jaguars would seem to be in a position to do so is they now have the top pick in the NFL draft next spring? They lose Sunday. Jets win jets. Beating the Browns 23 16. Brown's went into the game with the depleted receiving core four players on the covert list. Baker Mayfield a career high 53 passing attempts, though ESPN analysts Tim Hasselbeck to rob Ninkovich Look, they had nine attempts for four yards in the first half. If you were the Cleveland Browns, why, with 45 receivers? I don't know how many receivers they don't have on the football field because of covert, but it's not their usual bunch. So why would you drop back and try and throw the ball over the football field? When you're number? One thing you do well is run the football, so I don't care if they didn't have any receiver just line up and run the football in this particular game. You're supposed to go on the road, get the job done. One of those Blue collar, hard nosed football games. We just go out there. Run the football. This is what we gotta do, because we control our destiny. But no, they didn't do that. They went out there trying to throw the ball didn't work for him. Baker fumble the football. They should have learned their lesson with the sneak that he did against the Ravens when he fumbled it away, and they turn it for almost a touchdown. So at this point right now, I mean, this is one of those demoralizing losses as well. You go on the road. You lose like that to the Jets, who I mean, the Jets fans are gonna be Mac is there are there are in contention for the first overall pick. But look, it's just not a good look for the Browns. There are good running football team, so run the ball. Please, Please do that for me. Was. I agree with Rob 100% here, and I typically and not one of these guys that looks at us like, Oh, hey, you should have run the ball. I mean, generally speaking, coaches call plays that they think they're gonna work at the same time Things very easy to take a step back and say, Listen, do we try to make this too complicated? We found out got him in the middle of the week that we were gonna be decimated at the wide receiver position. And so what do we do? We attempt 53 passes. Maker Mayfield's 10th career game with at least 40 passing attempts, and the Browns are now one and nine in those games. Another blowout in the MBA. But not the team. Everybody's expecting out of the East. That's next SportsCenter all night. It's ESPN radio..

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