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Andy Nyman is the commanding officer of the LAPD's west valley traffic division street that is posted thirty five. And then we go out, and we do the surveys and the speed of the vehicles turns out to be forty five or fifty miles an hour. That's the average Steve everybody's driving. The state will pick that average and actually increase the speed on that street now the speed limit postings have not changed. So if a speed limit is too low, or if it's more than seven years old police cannot use radar guns or any other electronic devices to write speeding tickets there. Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Meanwhile, L A city councilman Paul correct Stelling KNX the state laws really meant to protect drivers in rural areas from getting ticketed in speech, speechwriters really not relevant to urban areas where nobody is trying to set speed traps. We're not trying to make money. We're just trying to make sure that people don't use excessive speeds where they're a lot of pedestrians and vehicles and potential crash. Correct. Says increasing speed limits isn't always worth it. He says worst defenders get caught but others are still driving faster on the roads. Correct. Says the city supports efforts in Sacramento to change the state law. It seems a lot of people have taken a liking to the new toll lanes on the riverside freeway in corona in the first full year since the lanes opened officials say they took in roughly forty eight million dollars way. More than expected says John stand afford with the Riverside County transportation commission conservative approach we thought it would take a while to build interest in use of the lanes. And instead we had strong. Use pretty much from day one threes. Let's have some now saying the tolls are too high not so standard told her high in certain times because of the demand and for the vast majority of the day the tolls are actually less than five dollars because the highest tolls charged in the westbound lanes between five and seven in the morning on weekdays the agency says much of the money will be used to pay off the debt from building the lanes. Stanford says anything leftover will go towards improvements along the ninety one corridor. Karen Adams can ten seventy NewsRadio nearly two hundred people on the official list of those missing after northern California's catastrophic wildfire, but at least some of them are doing just fine among them eighty six year old Dixie seeing who was surprised to find herself on the list when contacted by these societas breath, the death toll from the infernal stands at eighty eight but three weeks after the blazers still great uncertainty over who actually made it out alive. It's four twenty time for your money. AT and T is dropping some clues about how it will use its Time Warner properties when it launches its own streaming service next year, there will actually be three services, low mid priced and premium tier one will be a movies only plan another I'll have originals and blockbuster films and the most expensive plan will include licensed content from other companies. Disney faces a tax investigation in France. Disney's offices in Paris were rated last year and Bloomberg reports court ruling show authorities were looking for evidence to determine whether the company improperly shifted revenue abroad. Disney lost four lawsuits this month, claiming the rates were illegal as NASA plants and other lunar landing. Mojave company will bid to ferry payloads to the moon. Nasa has named Masten space systems and eight others says initial bidders. They're mostly small startups. But the list also includes Lockheed Martin this is part of NASA effort to return astronauts to the moon by the mid twenty twenties. On Wall Street after three days of gains. The Dow fell twenty seven points..

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