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The winter of fifteen ninety nine the narrator a young scholar and alchemist few now recall that it was i who discovered the corpse of dr crows misfortunate daughter thrown upon the snow that night in golden lane the fickle news of history has all but been raised the name of christian stand from timeless pages it often i have had caused of income much better it would it being for me had it never been written there in the first place i was just saw high on gorgeous plumage but in the end fell back to earth with wings ablaze it was the heart of winter and cresent moon hung crooked lee of the bulk of herat johnny castle looming about the narrow lane way where the body lay so talk about when john banville writes literary novel and benjamin black writes crime fiction you wake up in the morning and you think it'll be benjamin black today when i started being benched black i thought i'd be benjamin black in the morning but it didn't work see right straight through it takes me two before five minutes obama book so i have to interrupt it i detest summer summers most boring seasonable really hated so i kill summer by benjamin black no and then i spent the rest of the year being done come back for second summer is the loveliest time of the year to most people why do you think it's horrid because did nothing the leaves green the green and they start ton gray and the earth's just sits there doing nothing in place just goes into mad color even spring his too disturbing too you know gets the blunt going we should not good if you're sitting in a room for.

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