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Perceive when you're fighting for custody in my premium. Yes, I want to win custody. But I found out later that I think really anybody truly Wayne's custody band. Yeah. Park has come. We all my kids. And I can't even remember on as I kind of forget on purpose. The year that you represented me when older stuff was going on. But on park has my kids like last week in his own Sopher since that time which been we youngest daughter is for five years and res pharmacist years ago, but on. For some me much. Oldest got together. We just talked about an attorney bikes on the all broke down. And it was a. Imsa terribly beautiful how're station if that makes sense, but on student tell so much hurt and damage our kids based on custody. That's why I say there's true dang. The thing about cursing people lose sight of it. It's not people get caught up in. Nothing like that. But a lot of times people getting what people get caught up. I'm not on the other. Get a leg up, and it becomes more about I was born as oppose the west base for this kid. Atlanta key has hurt by these, you know, they're just evening, you know, each other. Nobody's thinking about what's going on with the kid. A lotta times that can cause some turmoil. Advert. I let me, but no the thing about John Zane about you. Don't do side of the beach other with day is about. Lose embed bed. Yeah. Beam is definitely do. But I want to speak for her put on I know, my oldest daughter. Say, you know, she said that one point you know, we were so focused on winning. You know, you want core. Trying to win the game. I guess all focused on and then it was from to almost say giving myself any issues, I will say like most custody battles are here are kind of bitter and is hard to focus on a child, and you have so much other stuff sworn in your together at one point. I really didn't work out either. We eat her turning. It's hard to find a common Brown. These horrible. Shunde you advice to someone who? So I need to do if they are in the middle of custody ban about to embark on customer down. Concert in turn. Turning be wanted was issue that this is the way you want to be sure that you want to take on. You know, I've had people come in and say, yeah, I won't I won't, blah, blah, blah. Okay. Well. That's fine. These days, and you know, what the child with you permanently. But you know, you're gonna get up go to school. Be AMI there. You know? I mean, major this which wrong number one. Number two have plane. Plan play for what happens. You we. But I mean is you know? Plan for more shower. You were was challenged Goto alginate would look out schools where we live. How is words job daughter. It. Down. Playing the Hammett lean out because the judges probably will ask you that. Somebody proceeds go asking you trying to get custody. Me make stuff, but you'll be surprised how many people don't amber plan for they come see the Terni semi both fuel do unwind didn't have. Right. So I have ever played with. Just in case, there's an emergency who's been child. Go wed neighbor schools, you know. You know? What else? Attorney plan. The media. Don't don't talk about games those media, huge because most people don't sale social media's from when I write right, social, they go. Key more emails takes things like that. Keep it records elicit different things like that. If someone was on channel support in they're trying to make sure your child support payments and everything good them that. So you can't be behind chance for going in there. Trying to get what you don't want to be. Radio. You don't want to you. Hell you said to me that I remember his own and you said previously you have to care for the Gloser Kamal. One hundred percent for care for so. Thank goodness. We settle on. Could you just explain the the by set you'd have to have my going into custody battle? Yeah. I mean, just any and everything come up anyway you ever saying then you never did is going to come on. The gloves. Don't come off just get downright nasty. Just, you know, fair prayer. From the words biz prepare for the worst. You know, he just 'cause people feel like their kids or issue with our kids. They go above and beyond any and everything come up ninety relevance stone. They want to see people, you know, according to me when tell them to do that. Channel seven. You know, grains, is I will. Saying brings case, you know, be prepared for everything every little come out coming up and do you? So if if you forward. Really, you know, I'm just saying because I these question for dance. So if you in your opinion, if you are dead, and you feel that you wanna fight for custody shown, you think the dasher go ahead and fight or should just succumb to the other side. No, how about fighting all about fighting if the Dan wants to fight we can find the only thing I say that is we have to be prepared to come win. But a lot of that. I mean, let me let me when I say there is no presumption. Or the mother the follow. He's not in state is Carolina. Particularly the child born of the marriage of American couple is have equal rights 'cause while blah now promenades is if a child born out of way a lot then the mother does have. But there's no presumption yet is the mother has and dad needs in order, basically versa net. If the child. If the child out of whale. But if you feel like you won't custody as a filing and fine, but be prepared to say this. There's no presumption, but I always feel like. We gotta hear horn. Liam saying ask you, do you. Guys asked me based on the fact that you know. Along period of time in even now, I think a lot of guys feel like the core automatically buyers towards female in goal is. I don't I don't think Ahmed we buy. Supposed to be. But always feel like if it's a father custody always feel. They have swing yarder or he's a little harder. But a lot of their when when this situation a lot of depends on on the first question, I asked on if you remember there was the first question, I ask you why is it in the best interest of the child to be with you this judgments? And even articulate to me right in the slab. Why? You know in we go from there.

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