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To escalate will ask this Thursday January second on All Things Considered from NPR news Kelly and I'm also Chang ahead this hour the hazards of hazard in political predictions in twenty twenty also revisit the front lines of the water war between Georgia and Florida we've taken steps to improve efficiencies and use less water and I don't see any of the other states don't because you can go across the state line you can dig a well in pop as much water and do whatever you want and starting tomorrow Billboard is changing the way it calculates the top album of the week rather than simply tracking you at the moment you buy an album they're tracking how much you're consuming an album in the weeks to come what the rule changes mean for the music industry first news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jax beer the trump administration announced a partial and temporary ban on the sale of flavored bay thing cartridges and bears aus abi reports many public health groups say the policy fall short of what's needed to curb the E. cigarette epidemic the administration says the new policy aims to protect young people from the harms of nicotine while maintaining access for adult smokers who vape in an effort to quit cigarettes here is health and Human Services secretary Alex Cesar we are temporarily taking certain illegal products off the market if they are the types of products and flavors most widely used by kids but many groups including the American medical association and the American lung association say the new policy does not go far enough to protect teens the groups say they're disappointed that menthol cartridges and flavored E. liquids available in vape shops will remain on the market Alison Aubrey NPR news Washington the trump administration is again extending the contract of the controversial acting head of the federal bureau of land management NPR's Kirk singular as more the controversy surrounding William Perry Padley whose agency controls roughly eight tenth of all land in the U. S. before coming to the BLM last summer Penley spend much of his career as a private property rights activist an attorney who frequently challenged the agency he now leads Penley is also advocated for transferring millions of acres of federal public lands to western states those insisted that won't happen while he's managing the BLM environmentalists have filed a lawsuit questioning the legality of pen these continued temporary appointments he is the fourth acting directorate BLM under president trump which fits a broader pattern within the administration unless he's formally nominated and faces a Senate confirmation Penley will be the acting head of the agency until April third Kirk Sigler NPR news Boise Turkey's president is warning his country is not prepared to accept another wave of Syrian migrants NPR's Peter Kenyon says as many as a quarter of a million people are on the move after tax in the northwestern it live province president Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a conference in the capitol locker that a fresh wave of migrants is streaming toward the border he said Turkey's trying to prevent them from crossing but added it is difficult it is being pounded by Syrian artillery and Russian airstrikes on great has supported rebel groups seeking to oust Syrian president Bashar Lhasa NPR's Peter Kenyon some big dollar fundraising on the part of some of the democratic presidential hopefuls according to the latest figures for the final three months of last year Vermont senator Bernie Sanders raise thirty four and a half million dollars former south bend mer people to judge announced he's raised twenty four point seven million why former vice president Joe Biden's campaign says he raised twenty two point seven million that pales though compared to the trump campaign which says it raised forty six million during the final three months of last year on Wall Street today the Dow was up three hundred and thirty points this is NPR Greece Cyprus and Israel say they a brokered a deal to build a more than eleven hundred mile pipeline to carry natural gas from the eastern Mediterranean is rapidly developing gas fields to Europe Turkey opposes the plan still the country say they hope to reach a final investment decision by twenty twenty two European governments in Israel last year agreed to proceed with the so called east mad project committing to spending six to seven billion dollars on the pipeline Duke energy says it has reached a landmark settlement with the state of North Carolina is to secure the excavation of really eighty million tons of coal ash was grassy of member station W. U. N. C. reports that's on top of the more than forty million times companies already agreed to clean up the agreement means all thirty one of Duke's coal ash sites in North Carolina will be closed and excavated the by product of coal burning power plants is loaded with harmful toxins sure Martin of the state's environmental agency says the settlement is good news for people living with the threat of ground water pollution this means that the focus will be on the clean up effort and not a litigation Duke energy estimates the excavation will cost between eight and nine billion dollars and take ten to fifteen years for NPR news I'm celesta glass out in Chapel Hill North Carolina long term mortgage interest rates continued their decline for the latest reporting period mortgage buyer Freddie Mac reporting today the average rate on a thirty year loan fell slightly this week to three point seven two percent as compared to four and a half percent a year ago the average rate on a fifteen year mortgage also fell to three point one six percent I am Jack's spear NPR news in Washington support for NPR.

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