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Aw So grandmasters today. i-e-she they're no longer smoking and drinking and partying well tonight. which by the way is a whole tangent? I would love to hear about some other time. Treating chess like any other sport their training for it with great discipline and you spent spent time with a couple of these masters in rural Missouri. What can you tell me about them? They have these strict diets that the raid. They they have salad bar. Shrimp beef stew mashed potatoes. They want to get protein carbs and fat in the right amount so their body league sort of like preps for the amount they go through during the course of tournament but the other thing. That's really interesting. is they go into these intense detox. More when Fabio Kawana you WanNa pay the world championship. Last year he Stop drinking three months before the tournament began like he like He. He was studying me how it was his birthday. He still decided not to even have a glass of wine because he realized that he needed to like shock his body into sort of listening into him so they have these like really intense food desmond that they follow. It's quite crazy. He put together an elaborate dietary Terry and workout regimen. How did you go about doing that? This was also a crazy thing right so before big tournaments you know what he does. He sort of Takes himself out of the real world so he'll drive three hours from Saint Louis to like the middle of nowhere misery. Find like a cabin Find find a few chess grandmasters who are also free available to come with him and he will chart out a week before the tournament would. He would intensely intensely physically strain and also prepped for the tournament. So he'll do our running in the morning and then he'll eat his breakfast and then he'll play a six hours so mocked ornaments and then he do half hour basketball and our tennis and a place in our swimming. After does he have people helping being with us. Yes so so. He has a training partner. WHO's Romanian grandmaster Christian Jarallah and so he also sort of looks like a soccer player and has these like he does like two hours of cardio everyday lives a lot of ways to build muscle mass because muscle mass is the first thing that you lose when you stop working out and have long hours of sitting and playing chess games while not eating as much much as you should be and so Christian and Fob He worked together the prep for the harm. How common is this sort of intense the physical regimen amok chess grandmasters? It's becoming quite common so India's first grandmaster wish another Annand love him to pieces he's phenomenal. He just hours of cardio every night just to tire himself out. So he doesn't dream about chess and then jury ladas at least an hour of cardio cardio an hour waits to build Muslims before armaments and Reuss. Tom Who is also an a a grandma's trains with FOB. He he Ten basketball every day And he drinks only during tournaments to sort of like prep his body to be caffeine and sugar carefree FOB. Yano is the number to chess player in the world. Number one is the world champion. The bad boy the sport as you said. Magnus Carlsen does he have a similar workout routine so Kalson is sort of the you the best example. He has figured that out down to the very last detail like before tournaments will work out for hours even on treadmills. He'll you hours of yoga. He plays soccer with his friends And he before the world championship last year he went skiing everyday and tweeted that it strengthened his legs and his willpower to get to the finish line and he has a personal chef whose name was also magnus weirdly and he travels with him everywhere Making sure that he eat the right amount of proteins and carbs and calcium and during games the crazy thing that he's perfected the way he sits so he'll sit at an angle that's not so with. His neck is not to crane so the oxygen supply is perfect from your heart. You're from his heart to his brain He Chews Gum during games to increase his brain function And because chewing gum doesn't really you don't lose any energy but your brain is constantly active. And he stops his leg legs rhythmically to make sure that his brain and body or alert To the move so he he has sort of perfected. Every single aspect of the physical game has magnus always. He's been this attentive to his body. Well it's interesting so he Why he has been constantly perfecting the way he plays the game on and off the board right but he hasn't adopted some new strategies for example he was a big orange juice drinker? rinker during Games. So he'll have an glass of orange juice which he so. It's half orange juice and half water next to him at all times and suddenly a few years ago we stopped seeing oranges. And there was this huge thing on twitch. Where everybody's like? Where's the oranges? What happened to it and So like side note we crazy things that people focus on And so he so. Apparently something was he was feeling off about the last hour of games He was feeling slightly more fatigue so he went to the Olympic training think centre in Norway and the told him that The orange juice was causing problems And so he sort of figured out a new day said he he should have something that has little more calcium and less sugar and so he now drinks a combination of chocolate milk and plain milk during tournaments. So I see Magnus about to play in a big tournament in Moscow starts Christmas Day. Fob Janos not in this one but is he gaining in any ground on magnus. Are they going to be meeting anytime soon. In a clash of the titans. Interestingly so Magnus played and won eight consecutive tournaments and then dropped ten games at a competition in August and he even confessed to constantly doubting himself And and this might be exactly what FOB needs to. You know sort of perfect the last few things that he can and go out and beat him and they'll they'll definitely meet in the world. Championships goes magnus. Carlsen is defending champion. so He's automatically qualified. And if bobby keeps doing what he's doing and and makes it to the candidates tournament which is how which is if you win. The tournament is how you make it into the World Championship There's a good chance that magnus can finally be taken down so I after doing all of this reporting in learning all these very surprising details about chess has it changed the way you think about the game absolutely and I. I play a little bit myself. I used to have long arguments with friends about chest if if chess sport. If it's a game like how do we want to talk about it. But after the reporting process I was like Oh my goodness chess is absolutely sport and chess is absolutely brutal on your body and your rain And it's definitely I respect these players so much more. Just because of the amount of time they put into trying to figure out how their body and their brains sort of meet and where they need to focus their energy on right that to me is sort of dedication that I love about sports so now I definitely you gain perspective on how I talk about chess. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me coming up. Not Everything is Sonny Jacksonville these days goodbye. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred goodbye windows. Seven Dell's holiday. Sales are the perfect nick. Time to say hello to twenty twenty a windows. Ten upgrade save big under latest business computers powered by Intel core processors don't forget to shop servers servers storage and thousands of top brand electronics. All with free shipping call a small business technology advisor to help you find the right tech- for Your Business Needs at eight hundred. Seventy seven buy Dell. That's eight seven seven by Dell or visit Dell dot com slash business deals. Here's another story. I want you to know. I don't know if it's because of the good place or my general sympathy for small market teams or because I- inexplicably think radiant helmets are kind of fun fact that a tribute to growing up in the nineties. But I've always had a soft spot for the Jacksonville. Jaguars US which is why. I was distraught to read reports this week that the justice team has a culture problem according to an NFL PA statement. An arbitrator ruled that Jacksonville had unfairly ordered players to do their off-season Rehab at the Jaguars facility and they were wrong to discipline them for disobeying their will so the AP's mark long reports the Jacksonville find defensive. End and former first round draft pick Dante Fowler. Junior who's now on. La Rams seven seven hundred thousand dollars which thanks to this ruling. He no longer owes now story of troubling. Because it doesn't seem like a one off issue back in two thousand seventeen when former giants GM. Tom Coughlin was brought in to run football operations. Reports began to emerge agents in players felt he was overreaching and his off season. Coughlin criticized Star cornerback. Jalen Ramsey and linebacker telvised Smith for missing voluntary offseason workouts voluntary. Being the key word here afterwards Smith went on to skip this season for personal reasons and Ramsey Ramsay who like fowler is also on the rams now made it clear that he wanted out when the latest news broke. Ramsey tweeted. Tried to tell. y'All and Alan Robson another former Jag star. Who is no longer? The team wrote back with a series of laugh crying emojis. That's how I describe them going to the NFL PA more than twenty five percent of the grievances filed by player since two thousand seventeen have been against the Jaguars. Now there's no no way of knowing what those numbers mean. They could all have been filed by few players and of course guys. Don't get resigned by a team. Do have reason to be upset. Set but a starting point all this adds up as the NFL. PA pointed out in their statement. Free agents notice these issues when they pick their future homes and if Jacksonville to stay relevant they'll have to get their house in order and maybe bring back those helmets weather climbs in this has been E._s._p._N.. Daily I'll talk.

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