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Books. And talking to joel rosenberg. The new book is enemies and allies. Joe first question. Can i interest you in some giza dream sheets for mike. Lindell's mike pillow website. If you use the code. Eric wapping discount. Okay let's put that to the side and let's talk about something else. Can we talk about your book. Enemies and allies. Yes and by the way giza egypt and so that is right with the theme of the book. Right is obviously cotton-producing countries. Egypt love egypt. That's the best segue ever going. You know you're a big big big seller of your books you You mentioned some things you said. The media did a bad job of covering the abraham accords. Horrific it strikes me that people talk about. Oh we're so divided. Well a lot of people want to put that on trump. I i have to say having looked at the situation. Because i was not a big fan of his During the primaries. I didn't know whether we trust them. I didn't know i let things play out and i have been so astonished at the viciousness. The these simple irrationality that came out of the emotions of people kind of hatred for him as a proxy for their hatred of. I don't know what something something daddy did or didn't do. I don't know but the idea that something. This central to world history. A valuable accord in the middle east would not be reported would much. It's almost inconceivable to me. Honestly as bad as things are you would think that it's pretty basic like somebody cures cancer. You gotta give props for that. They were trump past. Dr yeah no you're right. There's there's a so the left wing media the mainstream media. I don't i don't expect anything good from. And that's why. I launched these two websites in the middle east. All israel news all arab news to be your middle east correspondent of provide original coverage exclusive interviews but also linked to when there is good coverage. What is that good trustworthy coverage that day. But i'll tell you. I'm particularly concerned about people on on the right of the center. Right peculiar christians or general conservatives who live remained never-trumper. What would that tells. You is okay. We didn't know him and we didn't trust him but even though he's given us you know supreme court justices are pro-life and strict construction est originalist. That doesn't count that he's been more pro-life in any president in american history old. That doesn't count. I have problems with some of the tweets. I have problems with some of the things he's said. But but i'm looking at this and saying and told him you are the most pro israel pro life president in the history of the country not to mention pro growth not to mention strengthening our eyes and putting the fear of god in our enemies. Why because people in the enemy camp around the world my god trump could. He could go crazy on us. That's a good idea. You want your enemies to be off guard. Now it's a little stressful. If if if you live in congress but if you're russia if you're china if you're iran you want them to be off guard and trump really did an amazing job. And i think anybody who can't say look. There are things. I disagree with them on. Fine there's every president's gonna have that we not going to give him any credit for this laundry. List of successes. No i can't in good conscience not adjust my understanding of a person based on what's really happening right in front of me it is is just amazing honestly Where do you see things going right now. Biden has empowered iran He has brought the name of the united states very low in the world. It seems clear that our allies the most of them think that were were a joke. Or we have. We've clearly lost Prestige around the world for what just happened in afghanistan. And that's continuing. When you see our enemies strengthened. Clearly china is the foremost of them. Where do you see this going apart from the intervention of god. I mean it seems to me to be trending in a very dangerous direction. will in the middle east certainly. There's there's two entirely opposite directions that are dynamics that are going on. And this is what i describe at. The core of enemies now is biden is emboldening our enemies. By the and he's rattling our allies by surrendering to the taliban in afghanistan. A country we had one it was. It wasn't perfect and it wasn't a pretty. It wasn't like removing the nazis from peres. We've got paris. I've been to kabul. I've met with tribal leaders. I met with afghan christian leaders. It's a poor impoverished troubled country and it was always going to be that but it was stable. We had one and in one moment biden against the advice of everybody pull the jenga stick out and collapsed the entire thing. now why. that's so bad is because as i as i say the core of enemies and is is that our enemies feelable and iran is. The is the main victor in the collapse of afghanistan because iran now realizes the biden is weak trump pursued a peace through strength policy and biden is doing you know chaos through appeasement and this is a problem. Iran is just a few months away now from having enough. Nuclear enriched fuel that they can start building nuclear weapons and what they want. The iranian supreme leader wants is a nuclear nine eleven. He wants a second holocaust. For israelis israel jews and when i interviewed mohammed bin salman the crown prince of saudi arabia. He told me on. The record is only on the record interview for any book ever. He said the iranian supreme leader is quote the new hitler unquote and the s. gets the iranian threat. Biden does not. What i found was every arab leader that i spend time with fully understands how dangerous iran is and they but they see biden in full retreat from the middle east. What's going to happen. What you wanna watch for now. Is i think this is actually gonna pull the arab nations and israel closer because they now have to build a nato alliance middle east nato as it were as a bulwark against iran. The iranian threats. And i i would be watching the saudis. I think that will be very telling the next year or so. Do the saudis make peace with israel. i talk a lot about that in the book because i've spent a lot of time with a top saudi leadership. It's it's amazing. I'm sorry we don't have more time but it's so good to know you're there. It's so good to know you're writing about all these things folks. The book is enemies and allies Brand new bestseller from our financial rosenberg. And joel i wanna mention again. All israel news Is your website in case people really want to know what's going on joe. Congratulations on the book. And thanks for what you're doing. Happy to be your middle east correspondent. God bless you paradise that they do things that don't give folks alvin. Can i just say that. I'm tan for such a time as this you are. Is it religious of.

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