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The nationals of people like per hour implies that and the nets beckham bows and we we had. We actually had an six sixty six. We appropriate one of the best midfield players in wells on the line piglets. Stocks style concern would tell you that and i was. I was very proud to george. Stokes say he he would agree with family and sixty six and we would have what we would. We would have still wind that well cops but we would have done it with a style which we did one out all day many cold ramsey code the argentinian animals. He's got nobody styles amid the tackle Eusebio is island. Both says he put one round his neck on an ounce. Colin the out you know. Colon joe Jill cowan dodge subject to them their animals. You know so. I thought we were the animals in that tournament. You've got jaguar glades and you know be salves our supporter around that time and george carlin played right back enough. Oh my god. I just couldn't well. I could see that was that was again now. The gal i thought they said as we go as we went through its own. We got bets That Onto the gentleman that i won't very good at that time. The germans you know it was an obvious pulling a but but we're already doing it because the optics of it. So who joe. Jason mallon ball. Peter thompson i'm guessing jimmy greaves is front with the other two forward players. Be in your sixties boys of sixty six to and then let's talk about good and banks clearly would be the goalkeeper but it would be or the three defenders long saw the gripe bobby molby why are trying to wrack my brian pho bye-bye I think the back in sixty six was going to be. Can she let chelsea any bad he is he was being sidon the i think he was it kind of that right back spot unlike today where you got so many folks i know what side they gonna apply on. They sat out the it was canceled. I was mac to play surprised. Right-back icon remember. I don. I know if jack charlton got in a team to place the cheltenham family out now with this was This bobby provera dot now..

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