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Hey there hello and welcome to episode one. Fourteen of the PODCAST. I'm really excited about today's podcast. This is one of those ones that I was able to record while on location at project voice earlier this year actually in January of twenty twenty and I had the opportunity to sit down and actually Interview and be interviewed by Kerrie Roberts who is the host of the inside voice podcast and they feature people doing all kinds of incredible things throughout the voice industry. Now that podcast is the main content that is produced by voice summit. And if you don't always summit voice. Summit is the biggest voice a conference that is put on now on annual basis. This year's event is going to be in Washington. Dc and carried as an incredible job really helping to build that community And of course this is under the leadership of Erickson who is the CEO and founder of motive. Which is the company that puts on Voice Summit and in this podcast episode Carrying I speak about some of the things that she has observed conducting all of her interviews. That she does for her podcast and we talk a little bit about the creatives and how that really seems to be a running theme in the voice space of course talk about voice summit and overall we have a lot of fun. You'll hear just from the opening words that carry says you can hear the amount of passion and excitement and enthusiasm that she brings to her podcast and I love that about her so we have some fun. We have some laughs. I hope you enjoy this..

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