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Yeah i mean like super like rudimentary base yeah yeah gets kicked when how i play bass yeah so anyway i would just like to say that that was a deal breaker for me and i normally really like watching that because they have actors and actresses they they tell the story of that was weird stuff was very moved and then they go meet the person that they've been the right yeah i know and then the lieutenant dan bad to wrap it up gold beer out of friday bear he's still a minor of course you can do gary cities if your voice blows boss i'm the boss the whole show steve are gonna take a dive it'll take has to really the guys demands tiger woods is plus eight through talking about the size of his johnny i thought we talked about that day let me try he's plus plus mad but that's that's off the record fifty dollars steve perkins stakes are are day one of the us open dustin johnson among the latest at modest keep yours clean pledge a little bit but boy oh boy why that is for dust isn't it.

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