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Can use their system right yeah so what would i you is the whole financial industry once over one so sensitized and so brainwashed worry about their credit score though do anything if they can i think this have goes along with that because the people that drive the credit scores are still the credit card companies because they're the major users they're the ones that by nine point out the new software from the three from fico which is serving the credit with the credit bureaus which is still serving the whole credited industry they're not their concern is to make sure people are brainwashed in a note thinking that they have to make that monthly payment every time the credit card companies are shirt of getting their money and their twenty nine percent interest so deleting public record like tech lane and deleting judgment doesn't really hurt up here's where the scepticism comes in there the offer a million different report to their quiet so if you're a mortgage writer you can still obtain a credit score credit report that includes all of that data so that those still to creditor who wants to know about that information will still be able to gain that information and make they're on credit choices either website though you're the consumer out there is good thank hey great now i don't have to worry about my tech claims that i don't have to worry about that judgment from five years ago so i'll make sure i make all my credit card payments on time and everything else could now i have a six ninety credit score seven twenty credit score and they're gonna hit it's gonna it's a faroff with it's a false vote emmett auto skeptical vienna because when you talk about the route when when when you talk about the retired person who doesn't have enough money to pay their rent make their rent paid their rent payment uh put food on their table uh maybe into whatever transportation navy dinner prescription and they're still playing their.

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