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The way through the film whereas we don't go on tom cruise's character's journey there's no movie right his performance is way better in terms of accomplishment yes you're right dustin found one weirdly unique something we hadn't seen before god blessed you did that and then you just did that the entire film right now thank you for the question it was wonderful way better than the answer it's time for kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of these three questions once the final scores tabulated it'll be posted on our website along with the current standing of the top one hundred are you ready oh my god yeah that always designed to make you feel uncomfortable okay good question one kice david or david keith i don't know either the ms and i'm embarrassed to correct answer question number two carl weathers or the weather in carlsbad the weather in carlsbad also correct and last question steve right it's a perfect score nope so so keith david is the wonderful actor did you see something about mary yes so when schmuck lovett's gets the bubbles squeak cotton zipper the father who's in the bathroom with him got it okay and then david keith is the sidekick to richard gere in officer joan who commit suicide okay got it yeah i would never know those names david david keith it used to be i think i'd go david keith okay there you go this question used to be dave character or robbery oh got it but thank you for playing of course and you were three out of three okay good illegitimately but that's all we care about that's all i care about thank you so much joy and an honor this yes i will see you soon see you back east yes sir thank you so much welcome ryan the engineer to the stars thank you so much for being here today and helping out all the folks here at ear wolf and corey eleven and post until next time and as always get outta my face.

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