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Shop fits first and save money or New Toyotas, Hyundais and Subaru's visit fits me. Com. That's transparency You could trust. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p traffic at a storm Team four meteorologist Brianna Berman solo. It's the last day of fall here. Yes, Winter officially starts tomorrow. But hey, even ahead of this winter solstice. We've been feeling like winter all weekend this morning. Much of the same with that cold air really filtering in here and we do have A low chance of passing snow showers. Thirties to start upper thirties, so low forties this afternoon overnight patchy fog for your Monday morning and it looks like we're mostly drive Monday afternoon with highs in the low to mid forties. Monday night through Tuesday morning. We may see a few more passing showers Tuesday afternoon. It's partly sunny and breezy with highs in the upper forties, and it looks like Wednesday will be we'll have seen a very quiet day, mostly sunny skies. Mid to upper forties with rain on the way for Christmas Eve Thursday. I'm storm team for meteorologists for you. Never Manzella. Rain is pretty much moved out. You might be seeing a tiny bit right on the Charles ST Mary's County line and then into Calvert County. Where at 38 degrees in Manassas, 40. At Metro Center 32 right now in Frederick, Maryland. Brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee only had mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. 10 41. She suspected she might have covert 19. She was right to Rockville Woman is sharing her experience with the virus that nearly took her life. The feelings.

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