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I'm just telling you I was quite. I suppose quite open to it but I never thought about it before. They won't really be something that I would do. I really enjoyed it and did you. Did you know when you when I went to Copenhagen either totally different experience? It was an old woman in McDonalds. Certain corner really old woman legs opennow Nickerson and it was horrible. It was on a stick swimming and I'm pretty sure that was Copenhagen. Well in what would your experience. Yeah you know that's what you go in there. A dead because the director I was working with was from Copenhagen and I was telling you kind of need I want something. I don't know what I want but I want to go away. And she went the Copenhagen said. Now there's a place that does this and it's dead nuys and it won't be as popular as if he's dead. Busy don't gain to a Sauna. Like reloaded fellow. Summer lesser just loads of people full. Stop because I kind of just WANNA best price and if you're gonNA do something that I just kind of want to. I want to be my yes. I don't WanNa be sat with. Ap typical talking to those things. I don't know the rules. Just lock. Now Lock the door as mine. I mean I mean if fourteen minutes now after say McDonalds and Copenhagen two years ago and I was like I say I've changed then it was kind of I. Mean Coke Copenhagen was the food like airbase bless Donald. Was that type of person who was scared of change and everything and that does I mean. The whole abroad often a lot. Lot Travel Steve. What it means to do to broaden my mind and it definitely because that was me before that's what I was like there's a Madonna as the Golden Golden Arches. Donald J. You know that was that was me. Well that's it that was me whereas now do I suppose I have changed? Maybe I could go. Copenhagen again but I've been off because I'm thinking been there and I'm thinking of that woman was I always saw the flies out of the kitchen where it was. I've never forgotten. I mean it was a sorry. It was something I've got other memory of it and all holidays about memories aren't whether good or bad or suppose so I've got hurt anyway. I think he'd be weird from its ago. Well me on just because lawsuits undoing. Does she go around as well? Then we meet somewhere in the middle. It's not I'm not. I'm just purely thinking about you into doing something different and something slightly your comfort zone trying to think about what we first start talking about about being gone. I need to do so God someone sometimes you've got to take yourself away. Remove yourself from a certain situation to Clara and see what's what I think of all the answers. I'M NOT STEPHEN. Fry Christopher Hitchens. They've probably of all the answers. I doubt they got more words to think about yet. I don't know it'll be interesting. Do you ever have people on this? Like three times. This could be seven up. You're not program what you catch up and see what what's happened. I don't I don't know what's around the corner. We'll move to Italy. What were any work planned out the mini at so of that fifty minutes thing is that up? I mean the old well that's constant in because it was constant. Think about that as time is due to sort of you know. You can't just keep going but you're not you're constantly kind of evolving then you're not allow to evolve if only don't want you to listen to people. You're obviously haven't listened to paper because you've been changing things all I know but maybe maybe now I've got arrived on a few different things. What is it I'm going to do? Are there may be other. Pick a mix you know. He's going to have a favorite in that picking mix box. They'll forrest gump thing last boxes chocolate. You still going to have a favorite chocolate in that box of chocolates and I do think the problem. I've always the things at different and for some people it's been too much of a leap and they get confused so people who watch listen to me on the podcast or watch the travel stuff and then I did secretary. Dvd's out now by the way. That's why I thought do this promote DVD. You'd have to mention it again. Let's listen tab of what to do it. Well people alike on the same. It's not same is not now. Of course it's not noble you count. You're not allowed to move about. Does that straight? Yeah really pisses me off because like I say I am changing. Go out something. New by the end of the day is the people who he saw. The you found a server who watch the stuff it watch the stuff so you can't just do what you want can you. You've gotta like stick close to what your bill. Unfortunately and the the R right when you change. You can only do little changes. Suppose suppose that. The podcast of the travel thing was saw of similar bought. The next leap is like and I tell you. We're talking about VACs before eight. James dyson yeah. If you think about 'em is the vacuum and as is the that money's an. He thought he had a change recently. Even from the socking blowing no. He went from the vox and now he's moved into air dryers pretty same so he's talking is moving to blow in pretty sustained thing and people except when he brought out the Hairdryer. It made sense to them. There's a trust there this is. The vakman was known as the back Monday. Good vox what's he doing now? Issues the Batman. What is what's he doing. He's doing something new. Always hairdryers are still. He still is electric. There so they believe they. Do you know what I mean. The trust is keeping in the same ballpark. Yes if he brought out popcorn machine go get back to get back to talking the blue. We wanted to go on this lease so out Craig. He's out and thus the minute as kind of like at quite WanNa do.

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