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Sprinkles sprinkle. I took remove. No no no no but you can get at every location. And i recommend calling in advance because it's going to. It's going to go. Yeah they're going to go. You're on the air with alli martin real quick. You wanna take a ride on space out. Ten azam sold me overwhelming. Yes wow of the double call to. Yeah well i'm impressed. You asked me a question now. This is an indiana. Would you meet live in a castle. Would you live in a castle linked to the so. I got up. Hold up. I got so this has been floating around. That's awes- four hundred thousand dollars two hours away in charleston indiana and. It's probably just a twenty minute. Drive to louisville. This castle could be yours for four hundred thousand dollars but it's only a to bed. Three two thousand seven hundred thirty square feet thirty six square feet and it's kind of in shambles. How how much personal close to eight. It's on eight acres salutes and the castle itself is almost an acre. Well you you add on cha you add on. I think it could be built in house in the middle of that big square yet. You saw the photos. Yeah and it has this huge cement cut. You could throw ranger of party. Yes concert up there. Great of it look at this. Get that italica. Might need to drop some some money to fix it. But i couldn't believe it's only to bet fine. You're telling me. Hgtv couldn't buy that and then make a show on tv dream home aby castle so i'm sure there's enough space air to put some solar panels and stuff around energy efficient. Yada yada yada just saying drunk bath. You're on the air Alley martin's here from channel nine and ten o'clock that ask beth loves drink. what is a good place in last place. You went to allie to go drinking. Oh gosh where was i over the weekend. Hey yeah we're was bathrooms. Well i would say the blind pig hit me on now. I have kind of money that would burn the other day. That was great day beth. Y y you just like to drink at home. How beth yes. I don't gotta bars anymore. Yeah it's efficient. She she while she sick of the guys picking you know. Try to pick her up and stuff right right right playing that little up lifetime. I know. I know you've had enough of that. You know people just crave that right. They want you hard core. Yeah it's just too much drama in a bar. I don't blame you girlfriend. I don't blame you. You just just cut it off. Just cut it off. Let's go here a caller. You're on the air. Hi crass. she's right here right now. Carney lock on my chest. Oh gosh no. I think i was strike three. I think i was a strike. Three space mountain rattled them a now alley so tell us a little bit about anybody. I know people were hitting me up on twitter and stuff about last time. We had to get any answers about the celebrity ball player or athlete. That you hooked up when you guys do any research you come up with the news mostly what we talked about. Which was branded phillips. Help yeah and who else would have somebody else. Say i ocho cinco effort. Nope tell you guys off the radio now orders a big deal. If you telling us your girlfriend's no though right they would have to Your neighbor act. I don't think your neighbor does there. Oh she doesn't really talk about it because it's not really top of mind. She who that person is. I mean if if you watch this sport you know who this person is. Joey votto no okay Was it Did you marvin lewis cruel. Yes i don't know. I don't know any Salah or sports celebs that were they out of. It was his first the battle. Yeah i mean. I also think they're not super out about to begin with you. Meet this person at work. You want actually no. I met this person. That's why i want to make sure you're really listening. Okay when i was working at. Pf changs okay. So was a little while ago is while i was doing takeout and behind the bar. Yeah and was always came in got takeout. Was the first tall too. Because rob about my okay not super super two. Six four six five okay. Yeah that's just another little tease before we And sorry. I forgot to bring you cookies because kristen hartman was awesome. Yeah i know. I'm sorry she's beautiful. You ask her out for me out you real quick caller go ahead. You're on with alli martin and we got to wrap up. Who got we face yourself your kids. I like children. You take mine. Kami town called might of missed the punchline on that one. All right allie martin. I appreciate you coming in every week. She always kills it. Hit her up. take a shot at who you think it is too and hit up on all the social media all right for that celebrity. We'll we'll just keep tightening away at bombarding talk about it again this week. I don't know who knows who so. Try to figure it out. Allie martin in the number eight alley martin l. l. e. e. jersey. I didn't work in jersey. This person wear pants when he came in the store. Maybe but not into that space mountain. Baby that's alley. Thank you allie. Check out the kate. Chris channel on iheartradio or go to kate. Chris dot com..

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