Gorgeous man if the george clooney


Happy fend fashionable fanned brand family love wines all you are beautiful people out there today i want to just talk about gorgeous man if the george clooney um you know he's the daddy nannies meriting had already been the aliens he has the twin on that he was talking about recently and it's so call you know what i had ethos as you know i have twins they're grown apponaug right with i know what it's like you know those early morning beatings late night all through the night so he was saying how you know he really enjoys you know that the twins in a feeding time you know he gets up every three hours and he feel guilty when he doesn't deeper we are going to overlook that he have breath no from and why they uw without then out what the after ciller we can't that out later though he really in jerez you know it it takes two when you have twins it's hard when you try to do i i mean just one hour yes so when you have doubled up on it peabody fake like they signed another and so often could those are really really enjoyable moments like late night where your epi it is nearing meaning the baby the had their quiet quality time he has a really really embrace that as so you know questions were asked are you still going to be doing you know all these leaving man roles in in and everything like you like nope he's iconic for different roles the like as you know they've been having to put those soft or lenses only cameras the of overlap is not quite the same you know making fun of himself he negative ari handsome still big round a little by the hit a minute's faith anything like that you know he's still get that jal lime he's still very handsome but he looked like he could be a 007 so he can do something i could see that i can definitely feel level of seven we'll shift i think he could he's he's would you call a character actor so he can that would be a nice role for him yeah see and be like you know you do number this trial look like rickles wildly we'll have our people call his people and see.

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